Best Rangefinder Film Camera: Finest Classic & New Analogue Cameras

The trend of making photos is not the latest, but if we take an eye on the past we come to know that the people of the previous world also indulged in photography and sketch making. The technology of everything is advanced and the manufacturers of a camera are trying to improve the cameras. A Rangefinder is the most interesting development in a film camera.

Film cameras with a rangefinder mean that a camera with lenses can improve the result of images from far away. The reason is that common SLR cameras cannot zoom in or out as much as rangefinder cameras can. The ability of faraway range is only due to rangefinders. The best feature of a rangefinder is that it works even in rain or fog that is a marvelous thing.

1. Difference Between Rangefinder Film Camera And SLR Camera:

SLR cameras are very common while the rangefinder cameras are the latest product with extraordinary technology that attracts every professional photographer. The basic difference between both of them is only the rangefinder.

A rangefinder has the quality of measuring the distance and after that, it makes a frame around the object to focus the image and then makes a photo while the SLR cameras are a simpler camera with a single lens that focuses the whole part of the place and then makes a photo.

The difference in prices is also a wonderful thing for everyone. You will shock when you come to know that you can buy many SLR cameras at the single rangefinder camera price. SLR cameras are cheaper than rangefinder cameras.

2. Why We Use a Rangefinder In Film Cameras:

Why We Use a Rangefinder In Film Cameras

Photography is an exciting activity in which one can save the memories of the day. When time passes and we recall the days which we spent with our family, friends, or colleagues we feel like those moments come again. Our desire of feeling the pleasure of past moments fulfills after seeing photos.

We have saved our past in the photo album and due to this movement; our next generation will be able to see us. We can say that the clear pictures are always taken by the best quality cameras and the quality cameras are those which optics is best.

A rangefinder in a film camera is a superb gadget that assists us in taking a clear picture of the required object. A Rangefinder makes a frame around the scene after that we can select the proper patch, and then we make a photo. The rangefinder’s mode of zoom in or zoom out helps us in making photos.

3. CANON EOS Rangefinder Film Camera:

CANON EOS Rangefinder proved to be one of the best film cameras. It is a mirror-less camera with RF 24-105mm lens. Its body is attractive and easy to carry for the photographers and the result it is giving is remarkable. It features a 30.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that not every camera contains. The LCD system is a touch system along with a dot Matrix LCD. It is an expensive camera even not everybody can buy it easily.

CANON EOS contains a focal length of 50mm that you can interchange. It gives a high resolution of 30.3mm megapixel with a CMOS sensor. CANON EOS Rangefinder is the best combination of the latest technology that every professional photographer required. Beyond its latest and revolutionary technology, the results it is giving are also superb.

If you are a professional cameraman and trying to get an excellent rangefinder camera with the best quality and you also haven’t any issue of money then we prefer to buy CANON EOS R Mirror-less Full-Frame camera with RF 24-105mm F/4L Lens Kit (3075C012) that is an exemplary device to achieve the target. Though it is expensive and $2,899.00 is enough but when you will use the camera then can understand the value of such an amount.

Dimension 3.3 × 5.3 × 3.9 inches
Item Weight3.09lbs
Optical SR30.3 Megapixel
Optical Zoom 4.3x
Video CR2160p
USM Lens RF 24 105mm
Magnification 35mm
Bodyw/24-105mm hard kit
USM Lens RF 24 105mm

4. LEICA M7 Rangefinder Film Camera:

The LEICA M7 is a rangefinder film camera manufactured by the German company of LEICA. The company LEICA is excellent in making cameras, lenses, binoculars, rifles, scopes, and microscopes. LEICA provides the super rangefinder film camera with no moving parts. LEICA is the name of reliability and trustworthiness all around the world.

LEICA M7 is the marvelous combination of LEICA M3 and LEICA M4 with all the features that they possess. It manufactures top-listed rangefinders cameras in a big competition. As everybody knows that rangefinder cameras are so expensive than SLR and the reason is that the material and the technology are also precious as demanding price.

The most important and exciting thing about this film camera is its rangefinder. A rangefinder in a camera works as a brain that never gives wrong information to the user. It is a mechanical camera with a lightweight body and easy-operate functions. Its upper and lower plates are made of magnesium alloy. Its all functions are saved in the light meter that does not work with batteries but with cells. LEICA M7 plays its role very nicely with its super exciting technology.

Dimension9 × 9 × 9 inches
Film format type 35mm
Item weight 3 Pounds
Flash unitsSF-20
Model numberM6TTL

5. Contax G2 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera:

The Contax G series is the perfect series of lenses in Japan. Contax G2 is an excellent company that manufacturing rangefinders, lenses, scopes, and lasers with the latest technology. It is one of the top listed companies providing rangefinder film cameras with 35mm, 28mm, 45mm, and 90mm lenses.

Contax G2 is not only attractive and skilled by appearance but by its jobs too. It is giving us perfect results even on a rainy day or night. The mode of zoon in the image gives us the accurate patch of the object by making a frame around it. It pinpoints the object through its fast focus system that a simple and cheaper camera like SLR cannot do. If the scene is far away and you want to take a photo of a specific part of that scene Contax G2 is your true and perfect helper in making the best photos or film. The photo that is focused from far away would be so clear that is an amazing thing.

Contax G2 gives 100% results even in rain and fog due to its water-resistant feature. Though it is an expensive camera even not everybody can buy it, yet the jobs it is performing or the results it is giving are superb and outstanding. If we compare between SLR cameras and rangefinder cameras we come to know that there is not much difference except the rangefinder. The rangefinder makes it precious among cheaper cameras.

Dimension 8.9 × 4.96 × 2.52 inches
Film format type 35mm
Item weight1.46 pounds
BatteriesCR2 3Volt
Magnification 44mm

6. ZORKI-4K Russian 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera:

ZORKI 4K is the best rangefinder camera that is introduced by Russia a renowned country in making cameras for years. It is a camera with excellent features that every filmmaker required. Its unique chocolate brown color gives a grand look and attracts customers. ZORKI-4K is an excellent camera with a 35mm rangefinder and 34-36mm frame size. Its frame tackles the object in a very unique manner and makes the image outstanding.

ZORKI 4K is one of the best series of ZORKI cameras. The most attractive thing about the ZORKI is its price because its prices are lesser than other rangefinder cameras in the world. Its prices start from $60 and the maximum price is only $90 that is attractive for its buyers.

Though it is a little cheaper camera than other rangefinder cameras yet, the functions and quality are not less than other expensive cameras. It makes the frame tackle the object and makes the image by pushing the button. Its manual system is easy and simple and except this, there is a manual book for the users in which manufacturers assert the using method of the rangefinder. It is a little compact than SLR cameras and due to its compact size; you can put it in your pocket very easily.

Frame size 34 × 36mm
Film format type 35mm
Lens Industar-50 (3.5/50)
Flash units1/30s
Shutter speed B – 1-1/100 of a second
Model number4K
Focusing 1M – 20M infinity

7. YASHICA Electro 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera

YASHICA Electro 35mm is a rangefinder film camera that was designed in the mid of seventies. It has introduced various versions of cameras over 15 years. YASHICA Electro 35mm is a perfect rangefinder film camera. It is a gift for the photographers.

The result of YASHICA Electro 35mm is marvelous and the rangefinder does its job accurately. It is the rangefinder that makes it precious and expensive among its competitors. It is a rangefinder that gives us clear views from far away.

YASHICA Electro 35mm has the best viewfinder in a solid body and the most exciting thing is that its fast and clear focus system is better than other cameras. The functions of the YASHICA Electro are simple to operate. Its auto exposure lock is the only key feature in the is expensive but not as much as other rangefinder cameras.

YASHICA is the top listed company that has been introducing innovative and up-to-date technology for years. It is one of the most famous companies of cameras in the world. The users of YASHIKA never like to use other cameras in their vacation, picnic, or get-together. They take it proudly like having a YASHICA camera means have a boon.

Dimension8.8 × 4.3 × 3.4 inches
Item weight1.5 pounds
Lens 1: 1.7 45mm
Model numberElectro 35
Battery 6Volt


In conclusion, we can say that though the trends are changing as per demand yet photography never required much money. Smartphones are fulfilling the desires of making photos in your functions, birthdays, and festivals as well. If you are a professional photographer and your profession demands to have a rangefinder camera then no marvel of buying it.

SLR cameras are also available with their best features and the best thing about them is their low and affordable prices. A rangefinder camera just can focus the object by making a frame around it while SLR cameras are making the photo of the whole place that would be in the range of a single lens.

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