Best Rangefinder Under $100: Enjoy Pocket Friendly Rangefinder

A rangefinder is a super exciting, and rousing instrument to check the distance between the user and the object. It is a revolutionary device that helps hunters or golf players in a very unique manner. It finds the range and tells us accurate calculations and information. Different people use it for different purposes. A hunter uses it for searching the target while the golf players use it for measuring the distance. A mountain climber uses it to see and observe the distance while the shipman uses it to see the upcoming course. Though the purposes are dissimilar, yet the features of the rangefinder are the same.


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Types of a Rangefinder

Different types of Rangefinders are available in the market at different prices, models, and features but we can divide the rangefinder into three types that are,

  • GPS Rangefinder
  • Optic Rangefinder
  • Laser Rangefinder

GPS Rangefinder:

GPS Rangefinder

The GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Through the GPS we can find our ways very easily. The GPS schemes started in 1973 and in 1994 they became totally operational and effective. However, GPS rangefinders completely depend on satellites to show the exact location. GPS rangefinders are available in all android phones and we can operate them very easily. The GPS shows the distances from the place where you are standing to the other required place.

Optic Rangefinder:

Optic Rangefinder

The optical rangefinder device has two lenses at both edges that zoom in on your intended target. Use the focus button to zoom in or zoom out or to even play each object in the required location. The focusing knob then compares the matches with the scale and then displays the distance for you from the pin to the hole.

Laser Rangefinder:

The Laser Range finders use a red laser beam to determine the distance of your course.

The temperature may affect and visibility of the red-light beam. But since most of the games and tasks are played during the daylight you need not worry while using rangefinders.

What to consider before buying the Rangefinder:


The range is the first and foremost feature to consider before buying a rangefinder. What is the range of a rangefinder and what’s the speed? You can compromise on the price but not on the range because if you require a specific range you would try to buy the rangefinder in the same range. Different range finders have different ranges to work so before selecting or buying a rangefinder check its range first then other features that you required.


Accuracy in data information, measurement, calculations, and work is a vital characteristic of a rangefinder. A rangefinder must be accurate and perfect and without it, you can’t get your goal.

Optical lens

The optical lens of a rangefinder shows you a clear distance. There are two lenses in the rangefinder in which one of them at the back that points straight while the other is on the front to point left or right by 90 degrees.


Every customer wants to get a rangefinder with all features at a reasonable price. There are a lot of rangefinders having low prices even less than $100 and even higher than $10,000. The rangefinder’s performance varies as much as its cost.

The Golf Rangefinder Under 100

Price Check
Gogogo Rangefinder
Halo XL 450 Rangefinder
AOFAR 700 Rangefinder
Waterproof and dust resistant
TACKLIFE Rangefinder
900 yards
Simmons Venture Rangefinder
600 yards
Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Rangefinder
600 yards
Vision king rangefinder
Objective lens 25 mm
Vortex Rangefinder
Battery Rechargeable
Wosports Rangefinder
650 yards.
Tec Tec Tec ProWild Rangefinder
Fast and Accurate

1. GOGOGO Rangefinder:

GOGOGO Rangefinder under $100

The GOGOGO rangefinder is one of the top listed rangefinders that are using in hunting and golf playing. It has all the characteristics you are likely to use in any practice. The GOGOGO rangefinder has detected all objects whether smaller or larger up to 800 yards. The magnification of 6X too to zoom in helps you to get a perfect view of your target and the course.

To read the view screen is one of the primary troubles in almost all rangefinders but GOGOGO’s view screen is brightly marked and easy to read even in all weather. GOGOGO is providing three modes of operation.

  • The Normal Mode
  • The Speed Mode
  • The Golf Mode

The normal mode is for general applications with nonstop scans. The speed mode helps in measuring the speed of the object up to 300 km. The golf mode contains the pin or flag searching feature that can search flags about 170 yards away.

These modes are helpful for gamers, players, and hunters as well. Through these modes, you can easily succeed in your aims or destinations. Its JOLT technology helps to ensure that you are locked on to the perfect t target.  Let’s have a GOGOGO under $100 and enjoy your task. No more guessing, GOGOGO works accurately and perfectly.

  • Auto shut off
  • Slop correction
  • Compact size
  • Long-life after charge
  • No water resistance

2. Halo XL 450 Rangefinder:

Halo XL 450 Rangefinder

The XL 450 is the best model of technology to measure distance. It is a value-able and super exciting rangefinder in the contents of rangefinders. The XL 450 works perfectly and accurately. It is perfect in size, calculation, speed, measurement, and quick response. Its extra fast focus system allows golfers, hunters, and soldiers to correct and confirm sight clarity and target accuracy.

XL 540 is a unique device that helps you in measuring the distance and finding the object in few seconds. It is available in laser, GPS, and Optical systems too. It is lightweight to carry and waterproof is.

Model number XL 450-7
Range450 yards
Scan Modelocks in multiple targets.
Angle Intelligencecalculates true horizontal distance.
Water resistantperfect
Warrantee1 year
Target Range450 yards
  • Light weight and durable
  • Slop correction and accurate work
  • Compact size with a case
  • Long life after charge and warranted
  • The device cannot pick up flagstick easily

3. AOFAR 700 Rangefinder:

AOFAR 700 is the best rangefinder in a reasonable package. It accurately detects the objects up to 700 yards away and gives perfect measurements. It contains four modes to operate that help you in all your detecting needs. The Speed Mode detects the speed of the moving. The Scan Mode scans continuously and perfectly in seconds while The Range Mode shows the range of the distance. It is Fog Mode advances object detection while the air is vapored.

The AOFAR is a revolutionary designed and manufactured in the company. It is lightweight with a handsome case to carry. This is fully charged and can work for hours.


Size, Weight, and Portability:

It is lightweight and perfect in size. It is portable and very easily moveable in your golf bag.  Its weight is only 180gm that is suitable for golfers. Though it is made for golfers yet, hunters can also use it for their purpose.


The body of the AOFAR is very durable and strong. Its premium-grade plastic-coated body makes this rangefinder durable. Its hard plastic body protects the lenses if unfortunately; it falls from your hand. It is waterproof and dust resistant as well.

Optics and Ranges:

If you take great research you will come to know many rangefinders have a maximum range is about 55o yards while AOFAR’s long-range distance is 700 yards that are enough for every golfer and hunter as well. It also comes with a 6X magnification to zoom in or zoom out and see the object where your pin lies. This magnification makes it possible to see the smallest object from very far.

  • Target Seeker
  • BAK 4 Prism
  • Fast and Compact
  • Four Modes/ Meters or Yards
  • No Tripod Screws ss

4. Tack Life Rangefinder:

The TACKLIFE Rangefinder is the best rangefinder for hunting.  It is accurate in detecting and perfect in measuring the distance. It exactly detects an object up to 900yards away. The TACKLIFE Laser rangefinder uses the latest technology to achieve the target and makes the Golf course easy and successful. It measures the distance continuously and truthfully. You may use it in the Golf course, hunting, mountain camping, and even in building constructions.

The TACKLIFE rangefinder is proficient in line distance, slops, angle distance, and vertical distance measurement. It is a ranger with class 2 lasers and the beam of the laser is in a bright color that can be seen in sunlight or at night.

The system of continuous scanning and speed mode makes your work better while on the other hand the pin sensor and the range mode give you the perfect measurements. Through it, you can measure the running or moving targets up to even 300 Km/h speed with true accuracy.

Weight1.05 pounds
Range900 yards
Size6 × 1.8 inches
Range speed 0 to 300 km/h
Battery750 MAh
Measure speed+/- km/h
Measurement degree angle +/- -
warranty2 years
  • Long-life battery
  • Great Magnification
  • Automatic power off
  • Versatile Functions

Can be mounted to a standard tripod

  • Doesn’t save last settings

5. Simmons Venture Rangefinder:

Simmons Venture Rangefinder under $100

The Simmons Venture rangefinder is the best device that gives you accuracy and perfection in your hunting and golfing. It makes your target easier and better. It is a super exciting rangefinder for people who want marvelous and excellent shoots on their playgrounds. It contains all the features of an expensive rangefinder at a reasonable price.

It is a hunting rangefinder but due to its optic focus system and clear vision, it can be used for golf playing, jungle camping, construction watching, and so on. It is lightweight and compact in size and can easily be enveloped in its beautiful case.

It works at the range of 600 yards to search the target or ball. 20mm objective lenses with 4X magnification are the wonderful quality of such a cheap price rangefinder.

It is available in three different modes that have value in the modern rangefinder. The normal mode is for general applications with continuous scanning. The speed mode of the rangefinder helps in measuring the speed of the object up to 600 km. The golf mode contains the pin or flag searching feature that can search flags about 300 yards away. It can detect slope angles that would make your hits perfect.

weight4.7 (Oz)
size4.05 inches
Distance600 yards
Range speed 0 to 600 km/h
Ranging accuracy+/- 625-yard
Measurement angle +/- -degree
Speed measure+/- km/h
Battery750 MAh
Warranty2 years
  • Versatile Functions
  • Hand friendly
  • Automatic power off
  • Long-life battery
  • Doesn’t save last settings

6. Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Rangefinder:


The Simmons 801600 Volt rangefinder is the best model in this world of technology. It can be used in every field of life whether it is related to playing or shooting. The Simmons 801600 rangefinder is perfect in size, correct in focus, perfect in measurements, and calculations. It is easy to grip and is such a lightweight device. Through this super exciting gadget, playing golf and hunting becomes easier and successful. No more guesses are needed, let’s have a Simmons rangefinder and get started vining.

As the traditions are changing of everything and every field required modern technology according to the need, Simmons rangefinder fulfills all the requirements of the modern age. It can be used in every environment or weather. Its optical focus makes our vision clear and clean. The display is clear and readable even in low light.

Simmons 801600 rangefinder is accurate and durable. We can hand it freely and move everywhere we want to move. It is available at a reasonable price and in a comfortable size. Different rangefinders come in different modes. Its specific modes make it specific among all the rangefinders.

Range10 to 600 yards
Display.Only 7.7
Magnification 4x
Range speed 0 to 600 km/h
Ranging accuracy+/- 625 yard
Measurement angle +/- -degree
Measure speed +/- km/h
Battery750 MAh
Warranty2 years
  • Lightweight and easy grip
  • Compact size and durable
  • Long lasting and guaranteed
  • Optic vision clear and bright
  • Slop correction with 4X magnification
  • Does not compensate for angles

The Volt 600’s hairsplitting accuracy made this rangefinder easier and simpler. The optic focus gives the exact distance to your target from 10 to 600 yards only with the tap of one button. The 4X magnification and clearness in lenses are sufficient for every user. The vertical and compact design along with the weather resistance on Simmons 801600 provides an unparalleled advantage. Let’s have a Simmons 801600 and achieve the trophy from your task because it is a true helper and accurate assistant in finding your target.

7. Vision king Rangefinder:


The Vision King rangefinder is a super exciting gadget that is helping hunters and golfers to achieve their trophies and goals. It is not only a ranger but a perfect tool to measure the distance in every field whether related to hunting or playing, climbing, or constructing. It works from 0 to 650 yards that is a marvelous job for such a rangefinder at a very low price. The Vision King is durable and long-lasting and these are the qualities that every rangefinder purchaser wants.

After having a great search on rangefinders we come to know that the VisionKing rangefinder is the best model in the content of rangefinder’s technology. It is manufactured by observing the requirements of every rangefinder user. It is a true assistant of the golfer and hunter.

We can use it in every field of life whether it is related to constructing or climbing. The Vision King rangefinder is perfect in size, accurate in optical focus, flawless in measurements, and calculations. It is easy to grip and a lightweight device and you can carry it everywhere by putting it in your small bag. Through this super exciting device, playing golf and measuring distance has become easier and positive.

Features Details
Objective lens 25 mm
PrismBak4 Roof Prism
Lens CoatingFull Multi coating
Focus SystemEyepiece lens
Exit Pupil3.8 mm
Laser peak output33W max
DisplayLCD Indicator
Dimensions115 × 75 × 45× mm
Distance measured15m to 600m (660 yards)
  • Accurate and durable
  • Water resistant battery
  • Replaceable CR2 3-volt battery
  • Hand friendly and lightweight
  • Switching mode can be difficult

The Visionking rangefinder is one of the best and accurate devices. It is rain resistant and covers both hunting and golf in fogy or even rainy weather. The VisionKing 6×25 Rangefinder is proved to be a truthful and trustworthy gadget. It covers all the features that every buyer needs. However,  VisionKing is cheap in cost but rich in its qualities.

8. Vortex Rangefinder:


The Vortex rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders at the lowest rate. It is the best hunting rangefinder that can help you in hunting. It searches the target and tells us how far the target is. The Vortex gives us accurate measurements and perfect data information. Its fast and clear focus system makes our visual scene clear.

The Vortex rangefinder is specially made for hunting purposes. It is not a gun but a telescope-like device that helps us in searching the target. Our markets are full of rangefinders but what we need is a super rangefinder at the lowest rate. It is the nature of every human being that they want to get the best things at the lowest rate because it gives satisfaction to every buyer. A number of people are those who do not compromise on the quality and they try to get the best things. The low price doesn’t mean that the quality is also low but the superb things at a reasonable price. The Vortex Rangefinder is one of the best rangefinders under $100.

There are quite a lot of types of rangefinders having accuracy and extra exciting functions. These all types are using in hunting, golf playing, mountain climbing, sailing, and so on. The Vortex is introducing three types of rangefinder

  • Vortex Laser Rangefinder
  • Vortex GPS Rangefinder
  • Vortex Optic Rangefinder

Vertex Laser Rangefinder

The Vertex rangefinder is the most exciting gadget in the content of Rangefinders. It presents the finding ranger with the laser beam that works abruptly and brusquely. It is perfect in measurements, accurate in calculations, and sharp in performance. Push the button “ON” and adjust the distance on its display screen and start to measure the distance.

Vertex GPS Rangefinder

The Vertex GPS Rangefinder is also the perfect gadget for hunting or killing the target. What you need is just to have an android phone because you can use the GPS on your phone. Slip down the screen of the mobile and touch the GPS icon to allow the system ON then give the directions to the system and start searching the location. It works with satellites and the satellites give us accurate information.

Vertex Optical Rangefinder

The Vertex Optical Rangefinder is also one of the best rangefinders that are easily available in the market. It is used to measure the distance and between your and the target. perfectly and gives accurate data information about your task.

weight4.07 (Oz)
size05 inches
Distance650 yards
Range speed 0 to 700 km/h
Ranging accuracy+/- 625-yard
Measurement angle +/- -degree
DisplayLCD Indicator
Guarantee1 year
  • SSD disk
  • 3D measurements
  • High-precision laser
  • Built-in-GPS & compass
  • No tripod screws

9. Wosports Rangefinder:

Wosports Rangefinder

The Wosports Rangefinder is the best device for measuring distance.  It is the wonderful creation of the manufacturers and a gift for the hunters and the golf players. It works accurately and perfectly through its superlative systems. As the world advances in technology our needs also advance. We need true helpers or assistants who help us in every field of life.  Golf playing is a very unique game on a big ground and the players of golf feel it difficult to see the far areas, so they use the rangefinder to observe the distance.

The Wosports Rangefinder has the best features and qualities along with a smart package. It is durable, reliable, and warrantied. There is a rush of rangefinders in the market but the Wosports rangefinder is a top-quality device. Having Wosports Rangefinder means you have the key to winning the task. It is affordable for every sportsman and player.

Distance650 yards.
Specifically golf players
Perfectly ranges 5 to 650 yards.
warranty18 month’s

Whether the user is a beginner or an experienced player Wosports rangefinder is a true companion and an assistant. The skilled players make their hits deliberately and calculatingly while the newcomers would also not less than those who win the trophies. Do you want a successful target? Let’s grab the Wosports Rangefinder because it is your assistant for your winning. The best qualities at the best price and the best features at a reasonable package.

  • Lightweight
  • Best optic focus
  • Compact size with a case
  • Easy controls and slop correction
  • Can be bluer in dim light

10. Tec Tec Tec ProWild Rangefinder:

TecTecTec ProWild

The TecTecTec ProWild is one of the top best rangefinders in the list of best rangefinders. It is compact in size and It is very simple to use and easy to carry with a fine-looking case. It is durable and reliable and can be used in any weather whether it is rain or a foggy day.

The TecTecTec ProWild is specifically made for golfers to make their game successful and effective. It measures the range accurately and abruptly that every golfer required. The TecTecTec ProWild rangefinder is providing you the marvelous features like its best optic focus, true measurements, perfect data information, working day and night both, water and fog resistance, and so on. After using The TecTecTec ProWild rangefinder you feel proud of having it.

You need not worry that how to calculate the distance and measurements because The TecTecTec ProWild rangefinder is available for your assistance in your golf play. No more guesses and no more rough estimations, you have the best The TecTecTec ProWild rangefinder that works well.

Distance540 yards
MeasurementsFast and Accurate
Guarantee2 years
specialtyLow-battery indicator
Fast measurement +/- 1 yard accuracy
  • Low battery indicator
  • Multi-layered optics
  • Slop correction and accurate work
  • Long life after charge and warranted
  • Might not be fixed

Might Be Important Before Buying a Rangefinder

If you are going to buy a rangefinder and you need maximum qualities at the lowest price you should read the specs and features of all rangefinders then decide to buy it. A good rangefinder contains the qualities like speed, accuracy, true measurements, lightweight, durable, water-resistant, fast focus, and perfect optic focus. Above all rangefinders that we have discussed have all qualities and every buyer needs to have in his or her rangefinder. rangefinders are a true helper in playing golf, hunting, climbing, construction, and even in the army.

Simmons rangefinder fulfills all the requirements of range-finding in the modern age while VisionKing is the perfect gadget in hunting. GOGOGO Rangefinder measures perfectly and has a fast focus system while Simmons rangefinder is perfect in size and work. So our sleek study in range finders proves that no one rangefinder that we have discussed in the above lines is less than another rangefinder. It can be used in every environment or weather. Their optical focus makes our vision clean. The display is clear and readable even in low light.

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Now we can say that all the rangefinders we have discussed in the above line are very super and marvelous devices. work for hours. We are not able to measure the accurate distance without it. We can hand it freely and move anywhere we want to move. It is accessible at an affordable price and in a compact size. Different rangefinders come in different modes. Their specific modes make them specific among all rangefinders.

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