Bushnell Golf Rangefinders: Collection of Laser, GPS & Optic

Bushnell Rangefinder is the best device in determining the distance or the range of the target. It is perfect in size, speed, calculation, and quick response. The fast focus system of the rangefinder makes the optic focus better.

Golf rangefinders play an essential role in determining the distance or the range of your target on a golf course while playing golf. Many types of golf ranges are very beneficial and helpful for the golfers to have good golf. Bushnell Golf rangefinder introduces all the three types that are,

  1. Laser golf rangefinders
  2. GPS golf rangefinders
  3. Optic golf rangefinders

Laser Golf Rangefinder:

Laser Golf Rangefinder

Laser Golf Rangefinders usually use a red laser beam to determine the distance of your hit or your target on the golf course.  The temperate may affect the sensitivity and visibility of the red-light beam. But since golf is usually played under a clear sky, you wouldn’t encounter any issue while using golf finders.

How does Bushnell Laser Golf Rangefinder work?

First of all, you need to pinpoint the beam to the target on the golf course then you have to aim the red light beam directly to the target you intend to throw your target at, after that check the estimated distance calculated by the laser golf finder. If there is no sign of positive reading you need to readjust your instrument and calculate the range again.

GPS Golf Rangefinders:

GPS golf rangefinders are made to measure the distance of your targets that are as far as 100 to 150 meters. However, the GPS golf rangefinder relies completely on a satellite to show the exact location of your target. The GPS golf rangefinder finds out the differences and distances between your golf objects. So that distance can be measured easily.

How does Bushnell GPS Golf Rangefinder work?

Firstly it is better to preload your points on your smartphone or your golf course. After that switch on the GPS, the golf rangefinder will allow the system to connect to the satellites. Select your target point or hole and then obtain the estimated position of your target. Now you would be able to map out the coordinates and get a good gauge of the range of the golf pin.

Optical Golf Rangefinders:

Optical Golf Rangefinders

Optical Rangefinders are instruments through which you must see from a single eye to calculate the distance from the pin to the hole. The optical golf rangefinder takes the height of the pin and then converts it into the distance through the built-In-scale inside the instrument.

How does Bushnell optical rangefinder work?

The optical golf rangefinder instrument has two lenses at both edges that zoom in on your intended target. Use the focus button to zoom in or zoom out or to even play each object in the golf course. The focusing knob then correlates the coordinates with the scale and then displays the distance for you from the pin to the hole.

Things To Consider A Rangefinder:

Five modes: Distance, slop, flag-lock, pin-seeker slop, and correction function.

Shudder: the device will vibrate to remind you when the measurement is done.

Autofocus: You need not wear the glasses because they can rotate and adjust the zoomable lens.

Slop button:  Turn on the slop mode, and the indicator light would on at the same time which would be visible for the referee.

Slop correction: Golf scans the path or course compensation mode.

Nonstop scan: scan continuously and accurately.

Mode Memory functions:  Enhancive dynamic RAM chips.

Non-irritating data: The rangefinder displays the data in black color that would not be irritating for you.

Easy operations:  Press the “ON” / “OFF” button to open the rangefinder after that press the ON” / “OFF” button to change the mode you want and then press the ON” / “OFF” button to take the measurement.

Automatically turn off: To save power it will turn off automatically within 10 seconds.

Bushnell key features:

Whether you are a beginner in the golf field or already skilled in range finding, here are some key features to consider.


Accuracy is the first and foremost key feature for every golfer. Once locked onto the flag, the rangefinder will provide a short vibration to the user and automatically excludes interference from surrounding objects.

The Maximum range:

Bushnell golf rangefinder is accurate ranges from 5 to 1,000 yards and 400+ yards to a flag. However, some are capable of measuring further distances than this.


a rangefinder that offers some magnification will help you to get a clear picture of the green from far away. It will also help you lock on targets.

Lens Quality:

The lens of your rangefinder would have a specific chemical coating applied to the surface, what the purpose of this coating is only to reduce glare and maximize light transmission.


Most of the rangefinders are affordable and it is available between $200 and $ 800 for a quality rangefinder. Though it is usually true that you get what you pay for, yet in the world of rangefinders more expensive and most luxurious doesn’t mean perfect. Instead of a fancy, most hunters need quick measurements from a model that is rugged enough for outdoor use that perhaps doesn’t describe the most expensive rangefinder in the market.


Whether you are a hunter, long-range shooter, or even a golfer, you know already that a dependable rangefinder is a key piece of outdoor equipment. The best rangefinder will help stack the odds of hitting your target in your favor.


The hunter needs to measure the place before going there and through the rangefinder, they can understand how long they have to walk and even carry the baggage with them. The prey would be easy through the help of the Bushnell golf rangefinder.

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