How to Swing a Golf Club for Beginners


The first and foremost techniques to master you in golf are stance, grip size, swing, club alignment, and body alignment. If you have just started to pick up golf or are a seasoned professional looking for tips to improve here is a beginner guide that teaches you proper swing. Golf Swing Tips for Beginners Doing … Read more

Compound Bow Rangefinder Sight: Affordable Collection with Buyer Guide


A Compound Bow Rangefinder sight combines the laser rangefinder technology and bow sight into one gadget. The market of Rangefinder bow sight is very slim. If you want to know whether there is a two-in-one bow sight for you there are top listed compound rangefinders sight. Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight. Burris Oracle Bow Sight. … Read more

Why is Fox Hunting Bad


What Defines Fox Hunting? Historical and scientific evidence shows that the animals targeted in fox hunting suffer physical and mental stress when chased by a hunter, whether or not they are eventually killed which is so cruel. Foxes have naturally escaped predators by going underground to hide their selves, but the hunters blocked their ways … Read more

What Does Poaching Mean in Hunting


What is poaching is a question asked frequently. Before knowing to poach we must know what hunting is? What is Hunting? The act of finding and killing wild animals either for the intention of consuming its meat or for sport is called hunting. Hunting is a sports activity for many people nowadays. However hunting is … Read more

Golf Rangefinder Battery: CR2 CR-2 3V Lithium


The rangefinders work on batteries and it is the best source of power because most rangefinders work on power instead of machines. The Golf rangefinders mostly take lithium batteries and have two different sizes, one of them is CR2 and the other is CR123A. The best value Golf Rangefinder requires the best-powered battery and the … Read more

How Long Does a Round of Golf Take


On average, the normal golf hole by a group of professional golfers will take around 10 minutes and a group of amateur around 15 minutes.  The 18 holes will take 3 to 4 1/2 hours. How Long Does it Take to Walk 18 Holes of Golf? We can say that a golfer can walk about … Read more

Types of Rifle Scope Mounts: Choose the Best For Your Use


A scope mount is an excellent tool for holding the scope on the rifle. It is not less than a ring, in which a scope can easily be adjusted. The optical and weapon market has introduced many types of mount and all the types have their special features. A difference in style, shape, and material … Read more

How to use a Reflex Sight


A reflex sight is also known as reflector sight, is made up of a partially reflecting glass element that allows the user to see an illuminated projection of the object which you have to aim at. This projection is superimposed on the view you see through the reflex sight. If you are looking for a … Read more

Types of Rifle Scope Mounts: Know Which is Good For You


A scope mount is a tool that holds the scope on the rifle. It looks like a ring, in which a scope can easily be fixed it. The optical and weapon market has introduced many types of mount and all the types have their specific features. There is a difference in style, shape, and material … Read more