Golf Grip Size Chart

Golf Grip Size Chart

How to Aim / Stand to the Golf Ball 1. Alignment: Alignment is the first and foremost guideline to play golf. It means to say that the leading edge and the target line should be at a 90° angle. The target line and leading-edge play an important role in your target because if you will … Read more

Rangefinder with Angle Compensation

Rangefinder with Angle Compensation

Accurate range and perfect aim are the basic 2 requirements of a good hunter. Without these two critical pieces, a hunter can face many challenges in this field. Be a good hunter must be focused and accurate towards his target. Shoddy Range finders were at top of the market in the past; with time advanced … Read more

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

Hitting a golf ball straight is quite challenging for many golfers regardless of their skill level. The mental approach and implementing the right technique is crucial is to succeed on the golf course. Before starting practicing, the golfer should know the reason behind the missed shots. In hitting the golf ball straight, the clubface plays … Read more

What Is The Best Rangefinder For Golf

A rangefinder basically is a device that uses a range-finding focusing mechanism that allows it to measure the distance from the observer to target in a sharp focus. Rangefinders found in cameras are used in fields of sports, geodesy, hunting, and military to measure the accurate distance from your target. In golf, we hit balls … Read more

How To Use a Rangefinder Scope: Step By Step Easy Guide

How To Use a Rangefinder Scope

Using a rangefinder scope is simple. Once you know how to read and use your device, it can help you provide accurate range information. Matching the distance to your target with the horizontal line in the viewfinder can be confusing at first, but understanding how rangefinders work will help you use your rangefinder scope easily. … Read more

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders: Collection of Laser, GPS & Optic


Bushnell Rangefinder is the best device in determining the distance or the range of the target. It is perfect in size, speed, calculation, and quick response. The fast focus system of the rangefinder makes the optic focus better. Golf rangefinders play an essential role in determining the distance or the range of your target on … Read more

What Is Snipe Hunting: Logic You Should Read

Hunting and Shooting

The “snipe” is a small lonely bird with little creamy and brown colored stripes on its head. Their most exclusive feature is a long prehensile beak that gives them an advantage when searching for insects and earthworms in muddy habitats, and water. The snipes are the wandering birds living in the southern part of North … Read more

Crossbow Scope With Rangefinder: Advatages, Use & Collection Of Affordable Scope

crossbow scope with rangefinder

A crossbow Scopes with built-in a rangefinder is not a traditional device in this modern era. Through the supper, exciting crossbow hunting has become easier and comfortable. It is the fastest and more accurate than previous traditional crossbows. It is revolutionary designed from an incredibly compact crossbow full of innovative features that would use rifle-like … Read more

Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

Why oversize golf grips improve your game

Winning a golf game chiefly depends on the ease and comfort of the player. If the player is feeling discomfort while stroking the golf ball, the shot will either be hooked or sliced. The thumb rule of a winning game is to have relaxed shoulders, relaxed wrists, and relaxed hands. Some pro-golfers are of the … Read more

What is a Rangefinder Camera: Guide that Will Help You During Hunt

Mirrorless Rangefinders

A man named Oskar Barnack had an idea for adaptable photography, he made the Ur-Leica in 1914 and the camera was the essential improvement of the rangefinder plan of photography. So that was somewhat the main rangefinder camera ever. Numerous duplicates were likewise presented in the market like Thread Mount (L39 or M39) and Zeiss, … Read more