German Reticle Scope

The Germans had a different approach to the reticle. The German reticle features a single post that involves a pinpoint and comes up vertically.  There are bold, squared posts that are available from the proper and left of the sight picture. The side post does not hook up with the middle post sort of a wired reticle but is intended to draw the user’s eye to the middle.

The German reticle scope’s tube design satisfies the performance requirements of the aspiring and professional user. The large field of view, a rapid focus eyepiece, and the contrast combined to deliver a positive experience afield. The 30MM tube is made from high-grade T6061 Aluminum with its hard anti-scratched matte surface deliver a strong platform.

The German reticle scope s sealed against moisture and dust, nitrogen purged, and recoil immune to provide a lifetime of constancy and success. The precise windage and elevation adjustments offer reset ability and accuracy with a locking side parallax system on certain models.


  • Zooming Factor four times.
  • True color and edge-to-edge clarity.
  • Durable and Hard Anodized Finish.
  • Illuminated Reticle and Large Exit Pupil.
  • Fast Focus Optics and Versatile Magnification.
  • Single piece Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body.
  • Precise windage and elevation adjustment along with Zero-Reset.
  • Advanced Multi-Guard Coating for High Light Transmittance.

A Reticle is a crosshair or an aiming point to your field of view in a scope used for a gun.  The basic purpose of the reticle is to focus the image by the exact zooming point. The best reticle for your rifle scope is that gives your eye exact focus. Point your rifle properly at the sky or a wall with your scope and examine your rifle scope reticle by zoon in or out.  The eyepiece would be adjustable on almost all rifle scopes.

Functions of Reticle:

Crosshair is a very common reticle that usually uses for a gun. It is very simple due to its reticle cross where the intersection of the two lines marks your shoot. All the other reticles are reshaped by this simple design.

Different types of Reticle:

The optics industry has introduced a lot of types of reticles in scopes. The most popular reticles are

1. illuminated Rifle Scope Reticle:

Illuminating Rifle Scope Reticle features built-in lighting that proposals extremely improved visuals, chiefly in lower light conditions.

Any type of reticle can be illuminated or not, so make sure to look for illuminated or non-illuminated reticles in whatever design you choose. It is high-performance optical scope Reticles with fiber optic sights. Illuminated reticles are usually red, green, and blue rapid range glass reticles with fully coated prism lenses.

2. Non-Illuminated Rifle Scope Reticle:


Non- Illuminated Reticles are black with no built-in illuminated. These reticle scopes are affordable and durable too. It contains a 56 mm objective lens for extreme light transmission.  Non- illuminated reticles are the SFP Second Focal Plane reticles that remain the same size.  The Tactical MOA turrets are for the purpose of easy adjustments.

3. Duplex Rifle Scope Reticle:


The Duplex Rifle Scope Reticle is a polished shape of Crosshair. It is specifically made up of hunting rifle scope and for long-range hunting. It improves up the original cross of the crosshair and has the same cross-shape outline with the thicker lines until close to the center where the cross becomes thin again. It is very simple to operate and can easily be zoom in and out towards the target.

Through the central thin lines in view become more bulging and gives a more natural aim to the target. It is particularly used in rifles for hunting and shooting. It is the best reticle for every purpose too.

4. Dot Rifle Scope Reticle:


It is a very formal and basic type of reticle. The dot reticle has a solo dot located in the center of the optic as your aiming point. The dot reticle is generally come out in a bright neon color of red, orange, and green that every hunter and shooter’s choice. It can be used for closer hunting aims due to the lack of crosshairs in it. It gives a clear image and the dot gives an exact target point to hit.

 It is accessible in crosshair mixed reticles too but the modification is the dot is brighter with the thin crosshair. The crosshair in the dot reticle extends out vertically and horizontally to enhance the best features of both reticles.

5. Mil-Dot Rifle Scope Reticle:


The Mil-Dot Rifle Scope Reticle is the perfect mixture of the crosshair with a dot pattern on the reticle cross. It is built for great purposes like long-range hunting and shooting competitions. It is also used for military purposes due to its zooming quality.

A mil-dot represents a typical and special pattern with four small 0.25 diameters dots placed along each axis. The space between two dots is 1 Mil which ranges about 1000 yards. MIL values are slightly easier and simple to connect and it is best for long-range and short-range shooting and hunting.

6. Leupold Rifle Scope Reticle:

The Leupold Rifle Scope Reticle is a wonderful design in the optics competition. It has brought a new level of access to the quality, strength, and reliability that LEUPOLD OPTICS is known for. It is for long-range shooting but can also use for small range and purposes too. Leupold optics is always well known for its best optics.

It is a duplicate of Duplex Reticle with a Crosshair view pattern that covers thick lines on the end. Leupold contains more dots than other reticles. These dotes are proposed to help you determine distance. Not only dots but there are also numbers and cross marks on both the vertical and horizontal lines that give you accurate measurements about your target distance.

7. Christmas tree Rifle Scope Reticle:

It is a very special reticle design and is using in military and hunting rifle scopes. The Christmas tree reticles let you compensate for wind drift when aim to shooting long distance. The Christmas tree used for long-range measurements and every branch of the tree is related to specific distance numbers. It is a little complicated but the users who are using these have extraordinary missions and they can operate it very easily and simply.

 It is a mixture of duplex and crosshair patterns with multiple horizontal lines underneath the main horizontal line. The multiple horizontal lines pattern is like a Christmas tree therefore it is named with a Christmas tree.  These lines are drawn for the accurate measurement of distance in the scope.

8. BDC Rifle Scope Reticle:

BDC Rifle Scope Reticle is a long-range shooting reticle.  These reticles contain the marking horizontal line under the aiming horizontal target point to display the distance between the hunter and the target. It shows you accurate distant measurements and gives a clear image. To make exact target BDC works like crosshair and duplex reticles.

The marking points may be shown by dots, hash, circles, or small lines. It also shows numbers according to the distance. It also looks like a Christmas tree reticle due to its horizontal line under the target line. This extra line shows us the distance in meters and yards too.

9. German # 1 Rifle Scope Reticle:

Germans Rifle Scope Reticle is an example of simple types of reticles in the optic market. Its middle point is shown by the thick vertical line which the top point shows your target point.

The most famous are German # 1 Reticle and German # 4 reticle and these are a deviation of crosshair and duplex. The horizontal lines are thin while the vertical line ends with thick and sharped pin-point. It is used for long-range hunting and maybe for other purposes too.

10. German # 4 Rifle Scope Reticle:

The German # 4 Reticle is one of the most popular reticles due to its axis. The three lower crosses are thick but the upper vertical line is thin which shows the exact distance. The mid-cross gives an accurate target point. It is used for long-range targeting and hunting. The scope is durable and reliable in every season and temperature. The reticle enhances the image to give a successful hit.

11. FFP Reticles:

FFP stands for First Focal Plane. An FFP reticle performs to grow larger or smaller as the scope’s magnification increased or decreased respectively.  In realism, the reticle rests the same with the target size throughout the magnification range. That means they hold over points stay the same throughout the range of magnification.

There are various manufacturers who are introducing FFP Reticles that are

  • Vortex Gen II FFP
  • Vortex Tactical FFP
  • Athlon Argos BTR FFP
  • Bushnell FFP
  • Trijicon FFP
  • Monstrum Tactical FFP
  • Prostaff 5 SF FFP
  • Leupold FFP

12. SFP Reticles:

SFP stands for Second Focal Plane.  It is located behind the magnification lens assembly. Whether the magnification increased or decreased, the reticle remains the same size regardless of the fact that the target changes in size. The changing in magnification of the lens or the target size does not affect the size of the reticle because it would remain static in every position.

There are various manufacturers who are still introducing SFP Reticles that are

  • Bushnell SFP Reticles
  • MOA SFP Reticles
  • Vortex SFP Reticles
  • PHR SFP Reticles
  • Leupold SFP Reticles
  • CF500 SFP Reticles
  • Deploy MOA SFP Reticles

How to choose a Reticle:

  • What kind of rifle you are going to mount.
  • Scope for a rifle can be mounted differently so check different reticles and add their features, and then you will be able to select a perfect reticle for your gun.
  • Make sure that the reticle and the rifle you have selected are perfect for you? Can you handle that?
  • How much you can spend on reticles because more featured reticles may be more expensive.
  • Get a thorough study about reticles and scopes.


Germans have introduced many types of scopes, rangefinders, film cameras, and reticles in the optic market. The most famous are German # 1 Reticle scope and German # 4 reticle scope and these are a deviation of crosshair and duplex. It is used for long-range hunting and maybe for other purposes too. German reticle scopes are the best among its competitors and succeeded to get a high place in the weapon world.

The reticle is the most important thing for a hunter or a shooter when he aims to target. There are a lot of rifle scopes in the market that contains various reticles. The scopes are selling expensive due to their well-featured reticles. What you need to do is get a study of your rifle’s scope reticle and then choose the best one.

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