Golf Grip Size Chart

Grip SizeButt DiameterSTD+1/64"+1/64"1+/64"+1/8"

How to Aim / Stand to the Golf Ball

1. Alignment:

Alignment is the first and foremost guideline to play golf. It means to say that the leading edge and the target line should be at a 90° angle. The target line and leading-edge play an important role in your target because if you will not care about this position your golf ball may go to the other side where you didn’t aim to through.

2. Body alignment:

Your feet, knee, hips, and shoulder must be parallel to the target line creating by the club edge. When your posture and position would be parallel your swing would move round about you and the sot would be accurate while if you stand in the wrong direction there must be more chances of the wrong throw. Body alignment keeps you in perfect position and it is as important as the alignment of your leading edge and target line.

3. The stance:

The gap between your foot and its mid-point parallel to the clubface should be applicable. After body alignment keep your clubface to the target line in a position that the shaft holds the 90° angle from stance to the target line. This standing position keeps you in the right direction where are fewer chances of wrong throws.

4. The grip Size:

The golf stick contains the grip then we have a shaft and then a club head or clubface. Choosing the right grip is pretty simple, which comes in junior or undersized, standard or midsize, and jumbo or oversize. These grip sizes are most common and easy to understand. The best and popular grip size is middle or standard for players whose hand measures 7 inches in which the two middle fingers are slightly gapped to touching the heel portion of the golfer’s palm.

It is the perfect grip size for the best stroke.
A comfortable grip gives a soft feeling and the slower swing speed minimizes the hand strength. These are the tricks to feel high during your golf playing. If the golf industry reminding you of the grip sizes they also introduce the different lofts for different grips. Different lofts mean different club shapes. The toe, the heel of the club, and its edges also enhance the ability of successful strokes. It gives you a great feel.

To find your grip size you need to measure the distance from the middle crease in your palm to the top of your right finger. Choose a grip size closest to your measurement, if you are between grip sizes, choose the smaller grip size and add an over-grip size.
The following chart may make you understand your grip size.

Grip Size Chart

Grip size Hand measurementsGlove size
Junior/undersize<.7 inches Small
Standard 7 to 8 inches Medium / Large
Midsize 8.25 to 9.25 inchesLarge
Oversize/Jumbo> 9.25 inchesExtra Large

Junior or undersize:

Two middle fingers are digging into the heel portion of the Golfer’s palm. this is a too-small size to grip. This grip can be a wrong grip to win a target.

Standard / Midsize:

The two middle fingers are slightly gapped to touching the heel portion of the golfer’s palm is the perfect grip size to win the target.
Oversize / Jumbo:

The two middle fingers have too much gap to the heel portion of the golfer’s palm and this grip size is too large.

Effects of Your Grip Size on Your Strokes:

Your grip size can be affected on your strokes very seriously. To make a successful hit you will have to make a perfect grip size. If your grip is perfect and comfortable it means your swing hits would be marvelous and you have control of the club. Your posture and the angle alignment are also depended upon your size of the grip. What grip size does that?

• Your grip is only the contact with the club
• Your grip controls the angles you swing on
• Your grip controls the clubface
• Enhances the game
• Makes your strokes successful
• Gives you a soft and comfortable feel during your hit
• Makes a perfect ARC
• The Golf Ball does not go in a wrong direction
• No need for TEE
• The Arc moves around you that a stroke required

Perfect Grip Size Strokes Required

Perfect Grip Size Strokes Required

• Stand up straight
• Feet together and then make a stance
• Hold the Golf club by leading the EDGE straight up
• Having your glove in the left hand can improve your grip and control
• Feel the grip in your fingers NOT in your palm
• Straight up the shaft and all 4 knuckles and logo are visible
• A right-hand slides down to the left-hand fingers your right-hand palm touches to the left-hand thumb
• Two corners would visible on the lead hand

How to Practice

Hit 30 golf ball in a week makes you perfect a golfer. At first, your strokes may strike the ground and the grass may damage by your striking but if you practice more and more it will polish you in the ground of golf. So grip is the most important thing in a successful golf game. You must swing it straight if you want to hit it straight. Good grip, practice swings, hit the ground or tee is important. Remember to reset the grip after every shot, these changing positions will helpful for you. The club naturally wants to ARC around the body and having the arc visuals, leads to the more constant swings.

Should We Use the Tee? Or Go off the Ground?

Initially start by using a tee and make 30 strokes in a week then experience with your tee height. As you progress you need to lower the tee. Remember to ARC around the body by brushing the ground. You may miss the ground but practice swings help. You may even miss the ball but keep practicing your setup and swing.
Should you strike the ground when you hit the golf ball? Getting under it is not a good mindset. Divots should be past the ball and remember, the ball is followed by the TURF and the TURF followed by the perfect grip size.


We can say that grip sizing is the most important practice in golf playing. Whether you are skilled in golf playing or not but if you have aimed to hit the perfect strokes you should keep your hands at the perfect position. You need to swing your golf stick straight to hit it straight.

The practice of swings hit the ground or tee is important but the most important practice is the grip size because the grip size enhances your ability to play in the golf ground. 30 hits in a week can make your throws perfect and the body alignment with your shaft enhances the practice but grip practice is the fundamental practice to win the goal.

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