How Big is a Golf Ball?

According to the rule of the Golf Game, the golf ball has a mass of 1.620 oz. (42.67 mm) and its diameter is not less than 1.680 inches. The golf ball hole is also determined according to the law of USGA and R&A. so, we can say that both the golf ball and its hole depend upon the laws of Golf Rules & Regulations.

Golf Ball Size History

Before 1980 the standard size of the golf ball was 1.62 inches while the rules are changed now and the ball is 1.68 inches in tournaments play. If we observe the difference between both of them it would be difficult for us to define that which one is bigger and which one is smaller.

In 1919 the R&A and USGA golf governing bodies were not agreed on the size of a golf ball and the reason is that there were two sizes to play. The British Ball and The American Ball were the two balls that golfers use.

Current Rules Regarding Golf-Ball-Size

Nowadays the size is the same but there might be a little change in dimples pattern. The golf ball restrictions are as follows.

  • Golf Ball Diameter should not be less than 1.68 inches.
  • Golf Ball Mass should not be than 1.620oz.

There are three more restrictions on symmetry, distance, and velocity.

In the past, the players noticed that old-scratched-up golf balls and the small sizes golf balls flew farther than newly polished spheres. So they started carving grooves into their golf-ball and resized them to make them fly better.

The Golf Ball Diameter:

The typical and maximum size of a golf ball is 1.68 inches and is measured by one end to the other end.

The Golf Ball Volume:

The golf ball volume is calculated by taking the ball radius 0.83 and the spherical volume is 2.48 cu in.

Circumference of a Golf Ball:

The circumference of a golf ball is 5.277 measured all around in any course.

The Radius of a Golf Ball:

The radius must be .83 inches by measuring half of the diameter.

The Golf Ball Hole:

The golf ball hole is 41/4 inches and the depth is 4 inches.


The golf ball size has much importance in playing golf because all the game depends not only on the straight swings but on the mass of the ball too. The golf ball’s diameter, weight, volume, and hole are decided by the rules and regulations of the USGA and R&A.

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