How Long does it take to Play 9 Holes of Golf?

Being a sophisticated game, golf required a lot of time.  There are quite a few factors that determine the length of the round, including the number of holes. The number of people, the skill level of the golfers, and the mode of transportation have vital importance in playing dual 9 rounds.

For a quartette to complete 9 holes round, it wouldn’t take more than 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The golf game comprises a series of holes, each consists of a teeing ground, a fairway, a rough, and other hazards, and a green with a flagstick (a pin) and hole (cup). A regular round of golf consists of 18 holes while the subset has nine holes, played twice per round.

How Long do 9 Holes take for two Players?

To play 9 holes, two players take just 75 minutes and it depends on their skill, mode of transportation, and the course. Except these, the course of golf also affects the duration of time, as if the course would busy it would become the cause of more time. There are a lot of things that may increase the time. The unexpected weather condition can also be a hurdle during the round of 9 holes of golf.

How Long does it take to Play 9 Holes with a Cart?

A golf cart is a unique and small vehicle that was originally designed to carry two golfers and their clubs, balls, rangefinders, and so on. It takes to round golf course or on desert trails with less effort than walking. It takes foursome 2 hours and 15 minutes to play 9 holes along with a cart. This time frame is adjusted if the golfers decide to walk or play as a single or twosome. To complete the 9 holes the players may walk 1720 yards per mile.

Factors that control T Timing:

  • Weather
  • Green
  • Fairway
  • Bunker
  • Cart Path
  • State Road
  • Pavilion/ Restroom
  • Red and Position
  • White Tee Position
  • Blue Tee Position
  • Gold Tee Position
  • Pro Tee Position
  • Practice Tee Position

Golf is not an easy task it takes time and needs patience during your hits. There are some hurdles and factors that can increase the duration of time.

Skill is the first and foremost factor effect on golf. The beginners can’t play as accurately as the skilled golfers can. They spend more time in their alignments and positioning.

Likewise skill, the Weather plays a vital role in playing 9 holes round of golf. Sudden rain may stop you from playing and exceed time there is the need for forecast before twitch the game.

Cart and Walking have also importance in playing a round of 9 holes of golf. A cart can make your game frequent while walking May tired you up. You can’t walk a long way by carrying your equipment bag. The best way to achieve the goal is, use a cart if the GOLF COURSE is busy and long. 

To make a practice, use Golf Simulator. It is usually hard to go for practice on the golf ground but the Golf Simulator has solved this problem very beautifully. It gives a specific place that looks similar to the golf ground. The kinds of Golf Simulator are

  • Sky Track SIG10 Golf Simulator
  • Sky Track Bronze Package
  • Sky Track Flex Space Package
  • Sky Track Training Package
  • Foresight Sports GC2
  • Trugolf Vista 10
  • HD Golf Simulator

Tips to play faster:

Select your Best Club to play best and comfortable swings.

Choose the best Grip size for your accurate target hits.

The Alignment of the Club can decrease the time in making the round of 9 holes of golf.

Alignment of the Body has also played a vital role in playing the best shoots.

The Stance is also important because the space between your feet comfort while playing.

The use of Tee can be the best technique to play accurate hits without shaving the ground for beginners.

The use of Cart is a guaranteed tool in squeezing the time.

Practice 30 shoots in a week are also the best technique for reducing the time.

Don’t waste time searching for the Golf Ball. You will have to spend at least 5 minutes after shooting the ball.


Playing golf is a time-consuming activity. It depends on various factors that may increase and decrease the time like a club, cart, ball, weather, stance, alignment, and grip size, etc. whether you are a beginner or a skilled golfer, it takes 15 minutes to play a hole.

We can say that it takes approximately 3 hours to play 9 holes of golf. But if we follow the instructions that are discussed and practice daily if we are beginners, we can succeed in our tasks.

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