How Long to Play 18 Holes of Golf

How long to play 18 holes of golf is the question related to time consumption. It is said that golf is a slow and steady game; you need patience and endurance during the game. If the game is not solo then it needs more time to play holes. It is an accurate notion that golf has been enveloped in a time frame. It may take 3 hours or 4 hours to play 18 holes of golf. But if the players are more it would be hard to play 18 holes per man.

Golf playing is a very sophisticated game and the players play it with relaxation. No time bounding or limits are required in this game. It depends upon you how much time you can spend on it. Some reasons that take time in playing golf.

Time-Consuming Factors in Golf Ball:

Golf playing is depended upon a player that how much time it takes to play. Whether the players are newcomers or skilled in this field, golf playing has no restriction of time. If one of the players has started playing golf the other will have to wait his turn and in this situation, time is not fixed.

Some factors that contribute to the consumption of time are following.

Size Matters:

The course of golf mostly depends upon the skills of the golfers how much speedily they play their round will complete soon. Neither every golfer is skilled nor do they have an idea of time spending. So the beginner will not play as a skilled player and eventually, they spend a lot of time on their shots. But if we see skilled golf players they can complete their round soon but it is the demand of this game that doesn’t play hurriedly. They have to be calm and patient during their round of 18 balls.

Number of competitors:

The number of competitors also affects the round of 18 holes. It will take much time if there would be more competitors because every player has his skill and speed to complete the task. It may increase the time and may irritate some skilled players during their rough and tough tasks. On the other hand, if the game is solo it may easily cross over 6000 yards in four hours. We can express it by a table.

The Round Of Golf Take—-For 1,2,3 & 4 Players

No. of Players 18 HolesPar 4s
1.2 hours 30 minutes8 minutes
2.3 hours10 minutes
3.3 hours 30 minutes12 minutes
4.4 hours13 minutes

Slow Motions:

Golf playing is rather a slow game but it doesn’t mean to play more slowly than need. The player’s walking speed count a lot on the round duration. How much they play slow they reach their destination slow. The proverb will not suit here that slow and steady wins the race.

Traffic on the Golf Course:

The traffic on the golf course also affects the time to the round 18 holes. The courses which are busy throughout the year create hurdles during the shots that become the cause of more time. Playing on such an active course is rather difficult and irritable for the players.

Golf Course Design:

The Golf course has much importance in this game because most of the courses are full of obstacles that may cause uncomforting. If the player is a beginner he would wonder to see the tough course and may take more time in completing the round of 18 holes. As a result, the time would increase to make 18 holes.

The Selection of Gears:

The selection of gears has much importance because wrong gears make your speed slow and contribute to the time fluctuation. Using the wrong club, wrong grip size, imperfect ball, and imperfect iron may cause a delay. The best notion is to map your golf course and select perfect gears to play. The right selection of tools reduces the time.

Climate Condition:

The climate condition also affects a lot on time. As we know that golf is a slow game and if the weather is not well or there is snow or rain it would hard to play 18 holes in a long time.  You will have to wait for rain or snow to cease then you will be able to play.


All the restrictions we have discussed and disclosed before reader. If the player is skilled or well-known of golf he or she will take less time. But if he or she doesn’t know well about gears, grip size, iron, alignments, and clubs then it would take time to 18 holes.

Golf playing is a slow game but the hurdles that are created by golfers or sometimes by nature, make it more slow and steady. The best thing to avoid such a hurdle, first map a course and tools then start playing.

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