How to Drive a Golf Ball

The standing position:

Golf is a very sophisticated game and to win the game we have to follow the rules that are.

1. Alignment of Driver and Loft:

Alignment of your driver and loft is the first policy to play golf. It means that the leading edge and the target line should be at a 90° angle. The target line and proper loft play an important role in your goal because if you will not care about this position your golf ball may go to the other side where you didn’t aim to stroke.

2. Body alignment:

Your feet, knee, hips, and shoulder should be equivalent to the target line. Body alignment keeps you accurate position and it is as important as the alignment of your leading edge and target line. When the standing position would be parallel to the target line your swing would move round to you and the shot would be accurate.

3. The stance:

The space between your foot and its mid-point should be balanced to the clubface.  Keep your clubface to the target line in a position that the shaft holds the 90° angle from stance to the target line. This standing posture keeps you in the perfect direction where you have fewer chances of wrong throws.

4. The grip Size:

The golf grip size has much importance as alignments in golf playing. Choosing the right grip is very simple, which comes in junior or undersized, standard or midsize, and jumbo or oversize.  These grip sizes are most common and easy to perform. A middle or standard grip size is perfect for golf players whose hand measures 7 inches.  It is also the perfect grip size for the best stroke.

Choosing the Proper Equipment:

  1. Choose a driver with a proper loft. (7 iron 95-104 mph) (9-8 irons 105-115 mph)
  2. Pick the right club which should be roughly perpendicular to your left arm.
  3. Proper golf ball with proper dimples pattern.
  4. Proper Tee which height should be 1.5 inches for the driver.

The driving Tips:

  1. Widen your stance.
  2. Tilt your spine.
  3. Use more lofts.
  4. Train with a lighter club.
  5. Train with a heavier club too.
  6. Practice with a Launch Monitor.
  7. Decrease your spine rate.
  8. Eliminate early extension.
  9. Raise your left heel.
  10. Hold your finish in every stroke.

How to Practice:

It is said that practice makes a man perfect and it is applicable in every field of life. Hit the 30 golf balls in a week makes you perfect a golfer game. At first, your strokes may shave the ground and the grass may disperse by your wrong strikes but your practice will shine you after some weeks.

You must swing your shaft straight if you want to hit it straight. Good grip, practice swings, hit the ground or tee is important. Remember to reset the grip after every shot, these constant positions will helpful in your finishing. The club naturally wants to ARC around the body and having the arc visuals, leads to the more constant swings.

Should we use the tee?

You can use TEE at first if you are a beginner in this field but later on, leave it and practice without it. Make 30 strokes in a week then experience with your tee height that must be heightened on half of your golf ball. As you progress you need to lower the tee.

Make a swinging ARC around your body by brushing the ground when you practice on the ground. You may miss the ground but practice swings will not let you fail. You may even miss the ball but keep practicing your finish and swing.

Do you strike the ground when you hit the golf ball? Let it be done is a good mindset. The ball is followed by the TURF and the TURF followed by the perfect grip size and your perfect alignments. The TEE is only a tool that polishes your practice.


Driving a golf ball is a hot question in the field of playing golf because good driving makes you successful. Your standing postures and alignments are the rules in your perfect driving.

The grip size is also necessary and every golfer should be aware of it when they are interested in buying the golf stick. If you will follow all the rules there would never be a hurdle between you and your goal. You can be a successful golfer with proper driving implements.

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