How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

Hitting a golf ball straight is quite challenging for many golfers regardless of their skill level. The mental approach and implementing the right technique is crucial is to succeed on the golf course. Before starting practicing, the golfer should know the reason behind the missed shots. In hitting the golf ball straight, the clubface plays a crucial role. The clubface should be square at impact relative to the swing plane. If the clubface is closed or open at impact relative to the target line, the golf ball will fade, draw, hook, or slice.

Every golfer has a unique swing, therefore, one must figure out his swing either by recording a video or by asking someone to monitor. Another reason for not hitting the ball straight is improper posture and stance. If the stance and body are not in line with the target, the straight shot will be missed. Another important factor is the grip. The stronger or weaker grip will never let you hit the golf ball straight. One must practice and follow the following steps to hit the golf ball straight.

Step 1:

You must make sure that your stance and body position is perfect. The golfer must draw a straight line between the ball and target and the golfer’s body is in a parallel position to that line. The body must be lined up with the target.

Step 2:

The golfer must hold the club rightly as a perfect grip allows a perfect shot. A tight grip exerts pressure and does not let the player hit the golf ball straight.

Step 3:

The golfer must know the clubface rotation and start with the square clubface.


One can hit a ball straight by keeping proper stance, perfect grip, aligning the body to the target line, and working on swing using a square clubface. Although, hitting a golf ball straight is not easy but it can be mastered through practice.

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