How to Start Bow Hunting

Bowhunting is a cruel practice of hunting animals and birds with archery or bow. The primary hunting method has been coming for thousands of years because everyone knows wild hunted meat is healthier than domestic meat raised for human consumption. Bowhunting also provides a year-round activity for individuals and families. It gives pleasure and satisfaction out of busy life.

Equipment for Hunting

Arrow, Bow, and sight are the basic equipment that is generally using in bow-hunting while the two main types of crossbows are the crossbow and the wooden-bow along with wooden arrows and stone points. The arrowheads are selected to ensure lethality or fatality. The arrow’s broadheads feature blades to damage the target completely and through the use of such, there are fewer chances of escape from the hunter.

Bow Accessories:

Bow sights.

Pin sight 1, 2, 3, and 7. More pins give more set ranges.

Crosshair; most similar to a gun.

Pendulum; used in tree stands.


It can be mounted on your bow, worm on the back hip, or side.

Peep Sights.

You can peep through attached to the string.


String mounted and bow-mounted.


Small, medium, and large guns.

Releases Types.

Gloves and Finger tab. mechanically released wrist strap, trigger, thumb, and hinge.


There are Laser, Optical, and GPS Rangefinders that can show the exact distance to the target.

Tree Stand.

For climbing and ganging on.

Arm Guard.

Stop string strap.

What Can You Hunt?

Large Game

The big hunting game required a target of more than 35 pounds (16 kg) such as dear, sheep, goat, bear, bison, moose, elk, and caribou. These animals were suggested for the largest target hunting. It needs wooden arrows with stone heads and some tome bladed arrows for effective hunting.

Most American bow-hunters draw about 50 – 60 pounds that are an example of great bow-hunting.

Smaller Game / Varmints

The smaller game hunting demands a target of fewer than 35 pounds (16 kg) such as goose, squirrels, coyotes, skunks, pheasants, turkeys, birds’ rabbits, snips, fish, and groundhogs. The smaller game required smaller and lighter arrows because these targets are easily targeted by the hunters.

Types of Bow


  • Most commonly used
  • Adjustable
  • Allow you to draw and hold more
  • Power for longer
  • More accessory mounting options
  • Great choice and availability


  • Most traditional
  • Similar to Re-curves
  • Disassembled
  • Forgiving a shoot

Re-curves & Longbows

  • Some can easily be broken
  • Down and stored
  • Quickly draw and release
  • Create for small game
  • Easiest to fix
  • Least expensive


  • Simplest to use
  • Least movement required
  • Can make you still
  • Most accurate
  • Most powerful

Outfit & Foot Wear:

Go for hunting where the other equipment is necessary there is a lot of importance in your clothing and your shoes. Hunting is a serious game or practice you need a lot of arrows and a rangefinder to exact targeting.  Except for these, you need all the accessories that are discussed before. To take the rangefinder there must be a pocket or some hanging straps. Your hunting suit must be high quality and that can protect you from heat, fog, chillness, and rain. Como suit would be better for hunting and shooting.

Try to choose your shoes according to weather and hunting location. If you aim to hunt in the marshy area or some water lands, select quality calf or knee-high rubber shoes that would be perfect for you. If you are going to some warmer area where your feet and body can be drenched with sweat, you need to wear breathable shoes. And if you have the aim to hunt in cold, regions you should buy insulated boots because you will have to spend a lot of time there. The more protected boots; according to the weather you will wear the more you feel comfortable.

Find a Hunting Spot:

Hunting place is an important point for bow hunting. The more you study or analysis about it the more you will be able to succeed. Except this the more you learn about the hobbits of animals and the food they like the better you succeed. Food water and shelter are the basic things that every animal needs and these things are so catchy for them. So, to make a target, try to search such places where you get some clues of them. As you can see that deer come to drink water at the bank of the pond so, you should keep an eye on the spot to assault the deer.

Hunting the Early Season:

Early season hunting is suggested to be the best time for bowhunting. This is often very true of opening day where deer are not yet too scared of the sight of humans call at the wild. Deer also are more bent feasting on the abundance of summertime food, making them easier to ambush as they travel from their afternoon grazing areas to succeed in their evening meal.

Bowhunting Strategy:

Bowhunting is not a simple game you need some strategies to target deer or some other creature. There are a lot of techniques and strategies to practice different stances and postures for your success. The few stages are

Nocking: To positioning your arrow in the bow.

Drawing: To pulling the arrow into position.

Anchor Point: To steading the arrow and bow against your body.

Release the Follow Throw: To release the arrow while maintaining your position.

Judging the Distance:

To judge the distance is the most important action in bowhunting. You have to judge how you aim to depend on how far away the target is and how far you can soot with your bow. Your hunting depends on your bow type, your strength, and your arrow. Analysis of the area and then understand your prey’s habitat is also important for your successful hunting.

It’s up to you now where you have to adjust your position. If you don’t know about the area ask local hunters or the department of natural resources where is the best place for hunting.


You also need a license for your hunting game. All US countries, states, and provinces are providing hunting education and then issue the National Hunter Education Certificate. The types of licenses are

  • Resident Hunting License
  • Nonresident Hunting License
  • Junior Hunting License
  • One-Day Nonresident License


Bowhunting is a unique game and becomes interesting if the player is a beginner. There are some rules and regulations that you will have to follow for comfortable hunting. There are also some strategies and techniques for beginners. After getting complete knowledge of bowhunting you will be able to have successful hunting. 

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