How to Swing a Golf Club for Beginners

The first and foremost techniques to master you in golf are stance, grip size, swing, club alignment, and body alignment. If you have just started to pick up golf or are a seasoned professional looking for tips to improve here is a beginner guide that teaches you proper swing.

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

Doing the practice of swings before striking the ball is not a bad thing, but it must be done accurately. The pre-shot routine required a purpose and the beginners usually approach a ball from the side, take a few practice swings, shuffle their feet forward, and hit the ball.

If you are getting ready for the game of golf, don’t get confused or try to dominate abruptly. Here are a lot of information and guidelines out there on how to swing a golf club. We are going through all the golf swing basics and tips that a beginner needs to know.

Different Types of Learning Golf Style:

Before learning the swing of golf club you must understand that there are three types of learning styles and most of us rely on all these learning styles. The styles are

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic

Before learning golf and start practicing on it first figure out which learning styles work best for you start researching.

The Basics of Golf Swing

Getting in Position
    • Set your feet with the weight distributed on the middle part of your feet
    • Set your hips back
    • Angel your upper body and spine forward
    • Bend your knees a bit to get some added and stability

Set your Grip
    Choose the right grip and determine which grip would suit to you
    • Junior or Undersized
    • Standard or Midsize
    • Jumbo or Oversize.
    • Do your homework
    • Choose a long-range target to aim accurately
    • Choose an intermediate target
    • Nail your pre-shot routine correctly
    • Build your stance properly
    • Swing the club with confidence
    • Use an alignment stick to aim correctly

Aiming with yards
    • 2-4 yards with wedge-pitching and short iron
    • 3-6 yards with a long iron
    • 6-8 yards left with a 3 wood longer length

Analyze your Round:

Analyzing your round is another best way to ensure your aim. After every round, note which side of the fairway and green you missed because through this, you can nip everything before a major issue occurs. Keep an eye on every shot, and swing, and then analyze where you play wrong.

How to Hold a Golf Club

If you are going to pick up the club, you need to understand the basics of a golf swing. Select the area where you need to work to develop yourself and then control your swing and learn how to properly grip your club. Once you feel your grip, you will reach the edge of golf success.

Select your Grip Size:

All the clubs are designed with rubber to maintain their thickness and grip but the grip size would be decided by your hand size. For instance, your hand is small then the small grip size is ideal and if you are big-handed you must take a large grip.

What would the Hand Position:

You can develop your grip by picking up the club. Put your left hand at the top of the club about half an inch of the club to poke out of the top of your grip. Once you establish your grip, you will feel comfortable. Here you need a key point that doesn’t grip too tight where you need less mobility, but firm enough where you can secure the club without it moving during your swing. If you are still not so confident, there are some special molded grips in the market in your hand position. They will instruct you where you need to position your hands.

Proper Ways to Swing a Golf Club:

Your body alignment plays an important role in the swing. It is most vital that you are balanced throughout your golf swing.

Bend your knees and make a straight alignment at the hips. This is a natural athletic position where you will feel comfortable.

Your weight must be centered over the balls of your feet when you properly balanced yourself.

This position feels satisfied and comfortable to the proper swings.

Keep Your Head Down:

A lot of golf beginners are more concerned with seeing where the ball goes off rather than the hit of the club. After the body alignment and swings make a practice keeping your head down. Hard swings can raise your head and when your head goes up, the rest of your body follows suit.


To conclude the debate, we can say that golf is not an easy game. to play golf a beginner have to practice the swings daily then practice to keep his body in perfect alignment. Selecting the right club and the grip size also has importance for proper golf play. Take the help through a guide and you can be a successful golfer.

Learning the proper way to aim the golf club is one of the best skills you can ever master. It would help you avoid a ton of confusion if your golf swings are not proper. Never miss the fundamental rules, basics, and tips before playing golf. Make sure that your aim and your practice are correct. You can use alignment tools and can make a video of your swings regularly to ensure you are not creating mischiefs on the range.

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