How To Use a Rangefinder Scope

Rangefinder scope

The rangefinder uses a range-finding focusing mechanism and measures distance from the observer to target in sharp focus. So, a rangefinder scope uses a reticle that allows the observer to adjust their shot accurately for various distances. The body of the rangefinder is similar to that of the traditional rangefinder scope.

Main uses of Rangefinder scope:

Rangefinder scope is used for various purposes and these are described here.

  • In sport, it is basically used for golf to measure distance in golf courses and in many other sports competitions.
  • The other major use of rangefinder scope is in hunting.
  • Other than this, rangefinder scopes are also used in military rifles. The use of a rangefinder in a rifle is accurate target shooting.
  • Moreover, rangefinders are also used for archery and photography.

Steps for how to use rangefinder scope:

Rangefinder scopes seem like luxurious inventions and have many advantages. It uses a reticle that is a network of very fine lines and wires in the eyepiece of an optical instrument.
Here are the following steps to use a rangefinder scope.

1. Zero In Your Scope:

Zero in your scope

The first step for getting accurate distance measurement and shot we have to zero our range markings available on our scope as the original. There are two ways for this step.
You can zero your range by taking a set of three shots and measure distance with a bullseye to the shot and
adjust your scope.
The modern way involves putting your range down and scope until it perfectly traces the laser beam then take a few shots and make sure that your zeroing matches with scope.

2. Distance Calculation:

Distance calculation

For getting an accurate calculation of distance, make a perfect guess of the height of your target and put it against the measurement of your scope. This step becomes easier for you, more you use your rangefinder scope.

3. Line Up Your Scope:

Line up your scope

After calculating distance, the final step is to line up your scope. If you are using your rangefinder scope in Rifles then make a shot on your target and shoot it. Moreover,
if you are using it for sports then your rangefinder scope is ready to give you an exact shot.


In conclusion, to use rangefinder scope accurately you need learning and practice for this
purpose. The more you practice, the easier it becomes to you because practice makes a man
perfect in everything you are scared of.

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