How to use a Reflex Sight

A reflex sight is also known as reflector sight, is made up of a partially reflecting glass element that allows the user to see an illuminated projection of the object which you have to aim at. This projection is superimposed on the view you see through the reflex sight.

If you are looking for a gun sight, a reflex sight and a red dot sight is a better option than prism and holographic sights because they have better target acquiring abilities. These are the most commonly used red dots because they are inexpensive and efficient.

In an optical sight, users are allowed to view through reflecting glass and see the bright projection of the targeted point. Sight Reflex is an important type of optical sight.

It is specifically used to create a target point in the form of a bright red dot.

The reflex sight is an inexpensive way to get your point of aim than other optical sights.

These are best for shooting at close quarters. Reflex sight enhances the target point and allows the user to view infinite images or objects.

Reflex sight worked on a specific principle that the focus of the lens on any targeted point is like the infinite target is in front of the viewer.

How to use a reflex:

While aiming with a reflex sight, you will see a red dot projected on the target when you look through the clear window and aim by aligning the red dot with your target.

Technical features

The technical features of a reflex sight that count in its accuracy are as follows.

  • Field of view

It is the calculated area of the scenario that your optic allows you to see. It is not as important as the other features while dealing with electronic sights.

  • Occlusion

Occlusion happens when something goes out of sight. You may experience occlusion from both front and rear sights.

  • Magnification

The electronic sights do not use optical magnification because of which when you zoom in, the dot size will also get bigger.

Why learn the use of reflex sight?

There is a specific way to use these Reflex sights. We are going to guide you properly about the use of Reflex sight. In our article, you will learn how to use a reflex sight for a different purpose. You will be guided about :

How to use reflex sight easily

2. How to organize reflex sight on a gun

3. What things are required to set reflex sight on a gun?  

4. How to target properly using a reflex sight

5. How to aligned (co-witness)

6. How to shoot using reflex sight with focus

7. How to use it for hunting

8. How to use it for practice

Let’s discuss some benefits, uses, and advantages of reflex sight. So that it will create interest for you to learn how to use a reflex sight, and why this article is an important article to learn reflex sight properly.

Why do we need to use a reflex sight?

The reflex sight is very important and useful for target focusing at a very cheap cost. In general, they have many advantages over other sight guns. This is the major point why hunters and shooters select reflex sight.

Let’s discuss:

Mount your reflex sight:

You have to mount it on the receiver end because this offers the reflex sight more balance and stability. When you are done, make sure to double-check if the reflex sight is attached properly because if it moves, it will affect the accuracy.

Zero your reflex sight:

The first step is to turn off the optic. When it is done, you flip it down and then turn it on and then you have to follow the instructions written on the manual as these are different for different models. Once you are done, you no longer need to use the metal sights.

Co-witnessing the reflex sight:

Co-witnessing means you aim at the target using both the iron sights and the optic ones. A tip for co-witnessing is that keep the metal sights a little lower than the optical sight because otherwise your target can be obscured. The main purpose of co-witnessing is to ensure that both your sights, the optic, and the metal ones, are zeroed in.

Point Aim and shoot:

Point your firearm at the target using your reflex sight and keep your eyes open. The red dot appears when the sight moves to the front. When it reaches the aiming point then shoot. While using the metallic sights, the shooter is required to shift his focus from rear to front sight whereas the reflex sight allows the user to focus on the target by projecting a red dot over it. So, choosing a reflex sight is always a good decision.

1. How to use reflex sight easily?

To use reflex sight is not so complicated. Our article will help you to learn the most easier way to operate reflex sight. To use reflex sight easily over go the article.

2. How to organize reflex sight on a gun?

Organizing reflex sight is a little technical for a gun. To organize reflex sight on a gun you need an Allen key. You must place the reflex sight on the top of a gun where the receiver ends. It is the best place where you must fit your reflex sight because at this place our reflex sight will get stability, focus, and proper balance to point of aim.

3. What things are requirements to set a reflex sight on a gun?

To set and organize reflex sight we need

• Allen key

• Mounting plate

• Blue Loctite (optional)

4. How to target point of aim properly using reflex sight?

With proper organization of reflex sight, you will get proper focus. You will get compromise accuracy. With the proper balance of reflex sight target image Viewed like target, the point is in front of the viewer from an infinite position.

5. How to align (co-witness) point of aim?

Co-witness is all about the ability to use iron gun sight in coordination with a reflex sight reticle. When both systems are managed at the same time and viewed by the user at the same time, the reflex sight targets the exact point of aim of your iron gun sight.

The main objective of Aligned (co-witness) is to target the point of aim in such a way that proper co-witness sight can transfer your optic sight to your backup iron sight. Co-witness allows the hunter to continue their target without losing a second.

6. How to shoot using reflex sight with focus?

Step 1: Set reflex sight on the gun and adjust it to your firearm. The most important step is to mount a reflex sight red dot on your gun. Proper alignment of reflex sight will help to maintain stability, balance maintaining, and constant focus.

Step 2: Set your point of aim at a distance of 25 yards. It is an ideal distance to set a target. Out of this rang red dot is not being proper for shooting.

For proper magnification, the target must be under 25 yards.

Step 3: Alignment (co-witness) of a gun is an important step. For this purpose, we use a tool name as a firearm. Your firearm acts as a confirmation for your point of aim.

Step4: Look through the optic of reflex sight at the red dot. Focus on the target.

Step 5: Once alignment is set, place your red dot on your target.

Step 6: Now pull the trigger to shoot at your target.

7. How Reflex sight is used for hunting?

The reflex sight is very useful for hunting. Professional hunting never wants to lose his target, for that he always tried his level best to point his target perfectly even at long distances. Reflex sight helps them to target their point of aim accurately and don’t let their target lose for a second.

The red dot helps to target perfectly to or point of aim. Hunters can use it very easily due to its basic and traditional design.

One of the important features for hunters is that it also looks at glass transparency.

The reflex sight is used by hunters because of its dot size, 4 MOA ( Minutes Of Angel) is an ideal size of dot which can target your point of aim from a long distance.

8. How to use the red dot for shooting?

For professional hunters and non-professional hunters, the red dot for targeting point of aim is an exciting part of hunting. The red dot of reflex sight helps to point to the target and set the aim.

The most frequently asked question by many peoples is how to use the red dot.

To answer this question we have to understand why the red dot is important while pointing to a target.

This red dot helps to keep an eye on our target. The red dot helps to make our target clear and focused.

The question arises: how should you use the red dot. For this purpose

▪︎ Set your target

▪︎ Focused on your target

▪︎ Set red dot according to firearm

▪︎ Point your aim

▪︎ And shoot the target


A reflex sight is an important gadget of this era. For all those who love hunting or shooting. Reflex sight provides you stability, the accuracy of targeting, it also helps you in proper focus.

You must learn proper ways to operate a reflex sight.

The best thing you found in reflex sight is that it is cheaper than other optic sights. However, it is very easy to use reflex sight step by step. Set reflex sight on the gun according to the firearm. Set your point of aim at a distance of 25. Alignment (co-witness) of the gun. Focus on the target. Place your red dot on your target. Pull the trigger to shoot at your target.

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