Lanyard for Rangefinder: Collation of Short & Long Lanyard

Lanyards are made especially for rangefinders, GPS units, and other vital outdoor equipment. Coiled Nylon lanyards allow you to swiftly detach your gear when needed using small a streamlined buckle.

There are two types of lanyard that are

  • The Short Lanyard is 3 & extended to 16
  • The Long Lanyard is 6 and extended to 30

Top Listed Lanyards for Your Rangefinder

  1. Boomerang Tool Company Large Retractable Electronics tether, 48 kevlar, Retraction Lock
  2. Nikon Recon Gear Retractable Rangefinder Tether
  3. Garmin Quick Release Lanyard Packaging
  4. WALNEW 25-inch Fashion Paracord Lanyard Necklace with Carabiner, Alloy Ring, and Clip for Mobile

Retractable Electronics Tether, 48″ Kevlar Cord:

Boomerang Retraction lock secures your hunting gear, scuba gear, fishing gear, and golf gear. The electronics retractable gear tether holds devices such as rangefinders, GPS units, mobile phones, and other handy equipment. These are lightweight but powerful and can hold electronics with full grip.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty  kevlar cord with an eighty lb. least breaking strength
  • Ideal Electronics attachment for holding rangefinders or other equipment
  • Tension-free locking system
  • Quick-release and fitting
  • 48 reach and large retracts up to 8 oz.
  • Universally sourced materials

Nikon Recon Gear Retractable Rangefinder Tether:

Nikon Recon Gear Retractable tether can save your equipment and secure perfectly during your hunting or fishing. It is an ideal clipping belt loop, backpack, or vest. A key ring can easily be attached to the device if there is an attachment point to accept the key ring easily.

Key Features:

  • Stainless-steel nylon-coated cable
  • Clips to belt or vest in a quick point
  • 25 inches extension
  • 9-ounce retraction force
  • 60 pounds breaking strength
  • Waterproof and self-flushing

Garmin Quick Release Lanyard Packaging:

Garmin Quick Release Lanyard Standard Packing can attach to a handheld device to wear around the neck & keep your hands free. It is compatible with Astro 320. Garmin Quick Release Lanyard protects your hunting gear, scuba gear, fishing gear, and golf gear too.

Key Features:

  • Fastens with a handheld device
  • During outdoor adventures can keep hands free
  • Compatible with Astro 320
  • Quick-release and attach
  • 100 % guaranteed

WALNEW 25-inch Fashion Paracord Lanyard Necklace:

WALNEW 25-inch Fashion Paracord Lanyard is a great lanyard for hanging hunting, golfing, swimming and other gears tightly. It is a convenient and suitable lanyard to attach to your smartphone. It can be used in outdoor activities like hanging devices in hunting, hiking, boating, diving, cycling, walking, and swimming as well.

Key Features:

  • Made from 100% nylon 7 internal strand paracord
  • Minimum breaking strength
  • Lightweight, easy-grip, and easy attach
  • Multiple attachments
  • Adjustable Necklace Lanyard
  • Stylish and practical survival paracord lanyard


Rangefinder’s lanyards have a vital place during your hunting, shooting, hiking, golfing, and searching. These are essential because the security of the rangefinder is essential. Lanyards are very easy to grip and attach to a rangefinder. They can easily be adjustable with your necklace belt. They hold your gears tightly and protect them from falling.

We have discussed the best rangefinder lanyards that can be used in your regular hunting with the same force and strength. The optics market has introduced many types of rangefinder lanyards and the best ones are discussed above.

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