Best Binocular Harness With Rangefinder

The binocular harness with rangefinder is an innovative way to keep your hands free and provide a stable viewing experience. It has been designed for hunting, bird watching, hiking, or any outdoor activity where you want to be able to see long distances without having your gear weighing down on you. The harness attaches easily around the waist and shoulders with two wide straps that are adjustable. This allows for easy adjustment of the height of the binoculars as well as stability when in use.
It also includes a rangefinder clip so that it can attach directly to your belt loop or backpack strap – no more worrying about misplacing expensive equipment! Your hands are now free to take pictures or grab snacks without fear of dropping anything during those moments when something.

The harness is not only making it more comfortable and expedient to carry a rangefinder but access to it at critical moments. Due to its effectiveness to the hunters, the rangefinders and binoculars harness market has exploded over and there is a huge variety available. There are also many sub-standard options out there so; it required a little research to get the right one for your specific requirements at your affordable budget.

List of Binocular Harness With Rangefinder 2022

Price Check
Kuiu Bino Harness
FHF Bino Harness
Athlon Optics Binoculars Harness
Badlands Bino XR Binocular and Rangefinder Harness
Horn Hunter OP-X Bino Harness System Combo Stone

After taking a close look at a particular harness and focus on rangefinders and binoculars we offer some solutions for both of them.

What kind of solution you need:

Hunters have no same ideology because different people have different requirements as well as different choices when they go for choosing the right harness for their rangefinder or binocular. There must be a solution that would suit everyone.

If you want to save your rangefinder externally and internally you need to observe what type of hunting you do and your personal preference. Internal options required more protection, but some of the harnesses can negate this. The bags can be sometimes bulky or heavy which create some issue for those who use lightweight bags.

There are also some thoughts to make that what kind of rangefinder straps you need. For instance, there are some cases that have the rangefinder compartment situated in one place, however, others that fit the case at various points and thus offer more in terms of flexibility for you to seek out your particular and most suitable place to store your rangefinder.

Consider your Environment:

The environment is an important point during your hunting and when we talk about the weather, it is more important to focus on the environment rather than other factors around us.

For instance, you may face obstacles and hindrances around you or maybe found shrubbery or coarse rocks nearby you. If you are a regular hunter and know everything around you as well environment, you may choose a combined binocular and rangefinder harness.

However, if your surroundings are a little imperfect and you find yourself crawling through thick, it is worth investing in a Bino case that allows for a stronger rangefinder pouch for extra protection.

Don’t Be Swayed by Price Alone:

You will have to think about how often you will use your rangefinder harness, how important is it to have one or two, what should be the price and is that affordable for you or not. If the rangefinder harness is in your range but the features it contains are not fulfilling your requirement then it will create an issue. This can prove to be a mistake but, however, depending on your exact needs, this can also be the right choice.

Make sure that the harness you have selected is up to the job, and can offer the protection and smooth operations you need.

Horn Hunter OP-x Bino Harness System Combo Stone

The horn Hunter bino Harness offers a perfect level of comfort and ease. It is an excellent harness due to its system of binding. The weight of the harness distributes on the neck by straps and creates a good and untiring level of protection to your gear.

The Horn Hunter Binocular Harness is versatile rangefinder storage and protector. It is very comfortable, weightless, and easy to carry anywhere. It is quite easy and quick magnetic claps and available in large and standard sizes too. The harness is only available in Camo and has been designed with hunters in mind.

Harness with magnetic closure is worth a lot but keep in mind that though it is easy to pull but it can create sound while opening or closing it. Zip closures are also comfortable but it takes little time.

The Horn Hunter Binocular Harness system comes with a “Range Wrap” that can simply wrap around your rangefinder and give great protection. The warp system harness is magnetized that fixes the rangefinder with quick and silent access.


  • Lightweight Binocular harness with rangefinder case and rainfly
  • First most-roof prism 8 to 10 power binocular
  • Magnetic drop-down lid
  • Reliable and durable in all weather
  • Breathable air mesh harness
  • Side gear loops for radios rangefinders
  • Kuiu Bino Harness with Rangefinder Holder is also to listed bino harness and rangefinder covers. Its lid is semi-rigid that ensures the optics of your binoculars are protected. It comes with complete waterproof covers to brave the elements during your hunting. Kuiu rangefinder holders are available in different colors and sizes. Excellent quality material is used to manufacture it. It is durable and reliable in all environments and you can have faith in it.
  • The FHF Binocular harness offers 5 different color options along with 3 different camo designs, blaze orange, and plain green. It offers all the solutions to your needs, tastes, and sizes. It is more lightweight and less bulky than most other Harnesses.
  • Athlon Optics Binocular Harness is specially designed for regular and skilled hunters. It is flawless, lightweight, waterproof, and ideal for snowy/ blizzard conditions. It has all the solutions to your rangefinder protection problems. It is a perfect harness with easy and quick closures and the most attractive thing is its reasonable price.
  • Horn Hunter Bino Harness is comfortable, lightweight, and flawless protection even in all environments. It has been constructed according to the demand of hunters. Badlands Bino XR Binocular and Rangefinder harness is also an excellent protective case with waterproof covering, which can be applied to your case within a matter of seconds, protect against rain, fog, and the debris that can be found during hunting. It is manufactured with super high-quality materials and gives a great look.


Binocular and rangefinder harness has much importance in hunting. Whether you are a regular hunter or a beginner your harness may be a true companion to carry your equipment on which your hunting depends.

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