Best Rifle Scope Covers: Keep Your Rifle Scope In Good Condition

Riflescope covers are very important pieces that keep the scope safe and in good condition. That scope covers are a necessity for any hunter. Best rifle scope cover will protect your expensive equipment from dust and moisture while you’re not using it. When you do need to use the rifle again, just pull off the cover and then put it back on when you’re done hunting or practicing shooting. These products can also be used for protection during storage, if necessary. Here’s what we recommend!

List of Flip Up Scope Covers 2022

We have compiled the best riflescope covers that should be more than adequate in protecting the scope and enhancing its durability.

Price Check
Butler Creek 15 Objective Flip-open Riflescope covers
Vortex Optics Sure-fit Riflescope Cover
Leupold Riflescope Cover
Butler Creek 19000 Bikini Riflescope Cover
Scope-Guard Alaska Neoprene Scope Cover

1. Butler Creek 15 Objective Flip-open Riflescope covers:

Butler Creek Flip-Open Covers

Butler Creek 15 Objective Flip-open Riflescope cover is the most popular model among all riflescopes. The reason is due to its high protection, effortlessness, and easy use. They are waterproof, custom-fit, fog resistant, and air-tight. They are so lightweight and great choices for those who want to protect their scopes from the environment.

2. Vortex Optics Sure Fit Riflescope Covers:

vortex covers save your money because it is popular for quality products and assure you to receive the best quality products at a reasonable price.  The best feature in this cover is the waterproofness, and fog resistance so, you can carry your riflescope at any time or season. This is why we recommend this product to best overall from the list.

Check before buying to make sure that the cover fits your rifle scope or not. Vortex also gives you its guarantee but if you have a Vortex rifle.

3. Leupold Riflescope Cover:

If you need a large-size scope cover, it would be a good choice. It features high-quality material, water-resistance, scratch-free qualities. It protects your scope uniquely and makes your rifle a long-lasting scope. It is also available in various sizes and according to the rifles.

4. Butler Creek 19000 Bikini Riflescope Cover:

If we are given a task to describe these covers then we can say, simplicity, affordability, and effectiveness. The two flexible cups joined by stretch retainers create a dust and rust-proof seal to protect your scope optics. This is the most universal variant among others because it fits a wide range of scopes, so, you need not worry about the weather condition.

5. Scope-Guard Alaska Neoprene Scope Cover:

It is also one of the best covers which defend the scope from environment roughness and toughness. Its high-quality material protects the scope’s lens from scratches or stains. It is available in different sizes while the size can be 0.2 lbs. it is a full scope cover with great ease and is simple on and off.

Importance of Rifle Scope Covers

A lens is the most sensitive part of the scope because a scope depends upon the lens. The more lens would clean and clear the more it gives a clear view o of the object. And there are only covers and caps that truly protect the scope. Whether you go hunting in rain or the fog if your scope has a perfect cover you need not worry about your riflescope. They are satisfactory in protecting your scope and enhancing its durability. But before buying covers you should keep an eye on few below options:


If your scope has abrasion protection it doesn’t mean they are immune from scratches. Left your lenses uncovered may amass scratches over time. Good covers always prevent your scope from the damage and can save your money.


A simple, easy, and comprehensive cap and cover can be perfect covers.


Many covers in the optics market take time in opening and closing the lens therefore try to have a cover that doesn’t take much time and truly protects your riflescope lens.

Water, Fog, and Dust Resistant:

Not every cover or cap has the ability of waterproofing and fog resisting. So, you have to be conscious about the covers while you go to buy your riflescope. The cover must be 100% waterproof otherwise your scopes’ lens might be damaged.


Size is also an important element for your scope protection. This may seem suitable, but make sure you pick the right size for your scope. It is good to have a cover of the manufacturer from you buy your scope. They can give you a 100% guarantee of the protection of your riflescope.

Flip-open Lenses covers:

You can also use flip-open lens covers that open silently with the flick of your thumb to peer through the scope.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Q: How to choose best Scope Covers & Caps:

A: Though the riflescopes are long-lasting, they also need protection as you move around. Therefore, a scope cover should be a great investment. Many hunters and players often do not give wattage to the covers and caps and they haven’t an idea that how one small part can save the life of your expensive scope. Whether your scope is expensive or cheap its lens is its main part that needs protection in all conditions. How much you try to protect your scope will protect your money. 

Q: What do you need a scope cover for?

A: To protect such valuable scope a scope cover needed. It helps to protect it from dust, dirt, moisture and water.

Q: How much do they weigh?

A: Mostly scope covers weigh less than an ounce which is easy to use.


 Riflescope covers have great importance to keep the scope safe and in good condition. These are only covers that protect scopes’ lenses from heat and cool, wet and dry, and dust and moist.  The covers not only protect from weather but also scratches and stains. Whether you are going hunting in rain or fog if your scope has a perfect cover you need no worry about your riflescope. The covers are satisfactory in protecting your scope and enhancing its durability.

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