Scope Reticle Types

The scope industry has introduced 11 types of reticles in scopes that are

1. Non-illuminated Reticles:

Non- Illuminated Reticles are black with no built-in illuminated. These reticle scopes are affordable and durable too.

  • 56 mm objective lens for extreme light objective transmission.
  • Reticle remains the same size, Second Focal Plane.
  • Tactical MOA turrets for easy adjustments.

2. illuminated Reticle:

illuminating Reticle features built-in lighting that offers drastically improved viewing, chiefly in lower light conditions. Any type of reticle can be illuminated or not, so make sure to look for illuminated or non-illuminated reticles in whatever design you choose.

  • Very high-performance optical scope with fiber optic sight.
  • Illuminated red, green, and blue Rapid Range Glass Etched Reticle.
  • 32 mm crystal clear fully coated prism lens.
  • Combat Ready Rapid Target Acquisition Glass Reticle.

3. Crosshairs:

Crosshair is a very common reticle that usually uses for a gun. It is very simple due to its reticle cross where the intersection of the two lines marks your shoot. All the other reticles are reshaped by this simple design.

4. Duplex Reticle:

The Duplex Reticle is a refined shape of Crosshair. It improves up the original cross of the crosshair and has the same cross-shape pattern with the thicker lines until close to the center where the cross becomes thin again. Through the central thick lines in view become more prominent and gives a more natural aim to the target. It is especially used in rifles for hunting and shooting. It is the best reticle for every purpose too.

5. Dot Reticle:

It is a very initial and fundamental type of reticle. The dot reticle has a single dot positioned in the center of the optic as your aiming point. The dot reticle is generally comes out in a bright neon color of red, orange, and green that every hunter and shooter’s choice.

It is also available in crosshair mixed reticles but the difference is the dot is brighter with the thin crosshair. The crosshair in the dot reticle extends out vertically and horizontally to enhance the best features of both reticles.

6. Mil-Dot Reticle:

The Mil-Dot Reticle is the best combination of the crosshair with a dot pattern on the reticle cross. It is built for great purposes like long-range hunting and shooting competitions. A mil-dot denotes a typical and special pattern with four small 0.25 diameters dots placed along each axis. The distance between two dots is 1 Mil which ranges about 1000 yards. MIL values are slightly easier and cooler to communicate and it is best for long-range shooting and hunting.

7. Leupold Reticle:

The Leupold Reticle is the marvelous production of the manufacturers LEUPOLD. It has brought a new level of access to the quality, strength, and reliability that LEUPOLD OPTICS is known for. It might be at reasonable prices.

It is a variation of Duplex Reticle with a Crosshair view pattern that contains thick lines on the end. Leupold contains more dots than other reticles. These dotes are proposed to help you determine distance. Not only dots but there are also numbers and cross marks on both the vertical and horizontal lines that give you more data information about your target distance.

8. Christmas tree Reticle:

It is a very common reticle design and is using in military and hunting rifle scopes. The Christmas tree reticles let you compensate for wind drift when aim to shooting long distance. It is a mixture of duplex and crosshair patterns with multiple horizontal lines underneath the main horizontal line. The multiple horizontal lines pattern is like a Christmas tree therefore it is named with a Christmas tree.  These lines are drawn for the accurate measurement of distance in the scope.

9. BDC Reticle:

BDC the Bullet Drop Compensation is a long-range shooting reticle.  These reticles contain the marking horizontal line under the aiming horizontal target point to display the distance between the hunter and the target. It shows you accurate distant measurements and gives a clear image. To make exact target BDC works like crosshair and duplex reticles.

The marking points may be shown by dots, hash, circles, or small lines. It also looks like a Christmas tree reticle due to its horizontal line under the target line. This extra line shows us the distance in meters and yards too.

10. German # 1 Reticle:

Germans have introduced many types of reticles in the optic market. The most famous are German # 1 Reticle and German # 4 reticle and these are a deviation of crosshair and duplex. The horizontal lines are thin while the vertical line ends with thick and sharped pin-point. It is used for long-range hunting and maybe for other purposes too.

11. German # 4 Reticle:

The German # 4 Reticle is one of the most popular reticles due to its axis and clear optics. The three lower axes are thick but the upper vertical line is thin. The mid-point gives an accurate target point. It is used long-range targeting and hunting competition. It is durable and reliable in every season and temperature. The reticle enhances the image to give a successful hit.


The optics world has advanced a lot. As there is a lot of competition among Film cameras, Lenses, Scopes, rangefinders, reticles, and Glasses, the manufacturers are also busy making up-to-date optics according to the demands. There are various designs and features in the reticles too. The FFP and SFP reticles give us the true difference among all. Likewise the difference between FFP and SFP, different brands are producing different types of the reticle. Each reticle contains the best features in itself according to the targets.  We have discussed 11 reticles that are most popular and useful in long-range and short-range hunting and for other purposes too.

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