Types of Rifle Scope Mounts: Choose the Best For Your Use

A scope mount is an excellent tool for holding the scope on the rifle. It is not less than a ring, in which a scope can easily be adjusted. The optical and weapon market has introduced many types of mount and all the types have their special features. A difference in style, shape, and material in all scope mounts made them specific among all.  Some users use stainless steel mount while some prefer aluminum. Since the aluminum-based mount is water-resistant and reliable for every season.

Selecting a Rifle Scope ring, base, and mount is the most essential stage when you are going to buy your gun, rifle, or some weapon from the weapon market because the best mount will give a forte to your rifle. All the guns and rifles jerk and vibrate when you make a shoot and it left a chance of felling down the scope. So, it only depends on your rifle mount that how strongly it has gripped the scope.

Types of Scope Mounts

Whenever you buy a scope, you need to know about your rifle. There are two types of scope mounts. One-piece mount and scope rings. Moreover, the one-piece mount is worked with AR/MSR, it also works with a traditional rifle as well. Whereas, scope rings work with old rifles as well. Let’s see different scope mounts.

Following are the best types of scope mounts that would be helpful for you in selecting an accurate Rifle Scope Mount.

  1. One-piece Mount
  2. Rings and Bases
  3. Weaver Scope Mount
  4. Picatinny Scope Mount
  5. Integral Mount
  6. Quick Detach Mount

Let’s discuss bit about each mount. So, if you want to buy you should be sure what mount you are going to buy and how it work and of course its purpose. Read bit guide below:

One-piece Mount:

It is quite simple and easy to use. You can use it with a traditional rifle as well. Moreover, it comes with a multi-bolt clamping bar that is tightened with 5 screws. It comes with a dual scope ring that allows you to see from both rings. Furthermore, it will protect your mount scope and allows you to aim your target easily. Above all, it will manage your shooting position as well. So, you can easily use it for your shooting purposes. It allows you to mount and dismount the scope quickly.

Note: One thing that one should know is that the bolt will hit the rifle whenever it flipped up. Furthermore, you have to take care of this problem while using a one-piece mount.

Rings and Bases:

It is basically designed for bolt-action rifles. Moreover, you have the bases of the ring screw. You need to mount the bases then it will be settled. These rings are quite lightweight and easy to use. Furthermore, when you choose the rings for your rifle, you need to select the bases for your rifle. Keep in mind that you have to match the brands of rings and bases. So, you will not face any adjustment problems.

Weaver Scope Mount:

Before any invention of the scope mount, it was the first one. In ancient times, the scope was drilled directly and mounted in the rifle. Moreover, it has slots cut inside its body. These slots will hold the scope and provide you direct position for your aim.

There was no uniformity in the weaver scope mount that’s why the new type is given below.

Picatinny Scope Mount:

It is basically designed for armed forces. Moreover, it is advanced for weaver scope mount and having additional features. It is designed for exact position and for tolerance. Furthermore, it is quite easy to use. Picatinny can easily mount on a Weaver scope mount. It allows you to mount the scope anywhere below the length of the mount.

Integral Mount:

As the name explained that it is integrated with your rifle. Moreover, the base and ring are integrated with one place. Furthermore, it is not for all rifles because it is designed for special refile. The advantage of this mount is that it is quite simple to use and it’s easy. Moreover, when you are going to be mount, you don’t need to fiddle them. So, get your integral mount because most rifles don’t come with the mount. 

Quick Detach Mount:

As the name explained that it allows you to quickly detach it when not needed. This is best for armed forces because they do have not much time to remove the mount. So, they need a quick response. That’s why this mount is best for them. This allows you to mount multiple optics on a single gun.

Okay, Now you read enough details about the different types of mounts. So, you can now buy the desire one from below link.

1. Vortex Optics Pro Riflescope Rings:

The Vortex Optics Pro Riflescope mounts or rings are one of the best mounts on the platform of weapons. Vortex style uses the wide and flat base with a crosswise recoil slot which is about 7/8th of an inch. The recoil slots on the Vortex-style bases and their matching recoil lugs are wide 180 if roughly estimate.

It can very easily be adjusted onto the base and you can take your rifle anywhere along with your mounted scope. The mount rings can be very easily detached and reattached to your rifle within some minutes. It is one of the best scope mounts for your great mission targets. Though the mounts are a little expensive but perform perfect duties with no vibrations even.

2. Weaver 4-Hole Picatinny Aluminum Scope Mount:

The Picatinny Scope Mount is popular and added to many collections in scope holders. Picatinny has a wider and deeper slot compared to other mounts. Most of the shooters suggest Picatinny base mount to their rifles due to its ring, aluminum material, and reliability. It protects the scope from the rifle’s jerks and jolts.

 Picatinny introduces the two-piece ring that grips the scope and these rings are comprised of solid mettle. It provides a secure fit to your firearm. The design is taken from Weaver’s Classic and includes four screws to grip tight.

3. LEUPOLD 2-Pieces Precision-fit PRW2 Scope Mount:

The Leupold Scope Mount is a very typical non-weaver-style mount system. It is also known as Redfield and Burris. Leupold is well-known for its smooth design and tight grip. It sometimes comes in one piece and sometimes in two pieces. It mounts the long-range hunting scopes and protects the scope from jerks and jolts.

Leupold introduces a 30 mm medium and comes in a black matte color. It includes mount rails and screws. A solid steel constructed with extreme recoil tested for perfect alignment. It contains the universal cross-slot compatibility with Picatinny and Weaver. It works effectively and gives the best adjustment with the rifle. It is reliable for every range-finding scope or for the scope for every purpose.

If you need to remove the scope from the rifle you need to separate the top half of the ring through a screwdriver. The system of opening the rings and then rejoin is very easy and can be done in few minutes. It cannot be handling with a single hand but with some specific tools.

4. Zeiss Precision Riflescope Mount:

The Zeiss Scope Mount is 30 mm Ultra-light 1913 Mil-standard rings. It does not create disturbance during your hits due to its master sleeker design. It is an ultra-lightweight mount designed for heavy-duty hunting and shooting applications. It includes 303 stainless steel top cap screws with black oxide finishing.

Zeiss is a unique base mount and it is similar to the dove’s tail. The Dovetail ring is jointed with two pieces and there is a long hole above the base the Zeiss scope ring is for the scope which tube is approximately one inch, 25.4 mm. it contains repeatable alignment with the two and four scope clamp screw.

5. Burris AR. P.E. P.R. scope Mount:

The Burris is in black matte color an excellent scope mount with no disturbance during your shooting or hunting. This scope mount allows you to mount the largest and full-size. It has a unique design that can be adjustable for every heavy scope. Burris is well known for weapon supporter instruments in the whole universe. Whether you are on a great mission or for hunting the Burris mounts protects your scopes with great strength.

This scope mount has a supper design that gives shooters 2 inches of eye relief because of the forwarding position of the scope. It is a lightweight and easy-handling scope mount. The screws can be reattached and detached very quickly and easily within few minutes. It can be used for long-range hunting guns and rifles too.

6. Tip-Off Scope Mount:

The Tip-Off Scope Mount is directly attached to the rail of the rifle. The tip-off scope mount is available in different sizes and designs. It is using in 22 rifles and can be attached or detached on rifles in few seconds.

The mount is easy to use and easy to remove. It does not allow innovative and modern technology rifles and other equipment with the rifle. It is used for medium and secondary-range shooting rifles.

7. An Integral Mount:

A lot of manufacturers have come up with scopes mount that has an integral mount scope system that is built as a part of the scope. There is no use of extra rings because the gun has already a system of ring and rail upon it and the scope can easily be attached or detached from it.  The rifle has a fit of one or two rings on it as a part of the rifle. The user becomes more pleased with having an integral scope mount system and can hold the scope with perfect handling.

8. An Offset Mount:

An Offset mount is the latest scope mount that fits directly above the mount. If you are using an old version gun like AR-15 or an M16 the mount position can be the cause of the brink on your face. This may make it very hard for you to ascertain through the lens. The recoil from the gun can also cause the scope to hit you within the eye once you shoot and cause an injury.

The solution is to use an offset mount because the button of this mount is directly connected to the receiver. The rings are located well ahead of the mount. The scope attached is the wellhead of the mounting position.  You can simply fit the scope at the proper distance from your eye no matter which gun you are using.

The Offset mounts are easily available in One-piece or To-piece models that include rings at the front side. Each ring has an offset mount that works accurately.


The scope mount looks minute and a tiny thing but the purpose is vital and essential for the user. The scope mounts have multiple styles but some of them have differences not only in their body but in their features too. The perfect scope mounts are those that grip the scope very well even don’t make you feel jerks and jolts. If your scope is well gripped you will be able to hit your target with success.

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