What Choke For Dove Hunting

If you are a winged shooter, the end of summer’s coming, and that means hunting season is coming. You have got a wonderful and upland game coming up. And one of the most important things you need to gear up for and be ready for with your shotgun is a chock-tube.

There are different ranges for the shotgun that are

  • Long-range
  • Short-range
  • Medium range

Different ranges are used for different purposes. If your purpose is to shot turkey you need a specific range for it and if you have aimed to trap-shooting your target required some different range for it. The military and police also need a specific range and shotgun chokes for their purposes. As the ranges are different, the chokes tubes are also different, and even their purposes are also different from one another.

There are different chock-tubes in the market you have.

  1. Turkey/ Extreme Full Chock Tube  
  2. Full Chock Tube
  3. Modified Chock Tube
  4. Improved Choke Tube
  5. Cylinder Bore Choke Tube
  6. Skeet Choke Tube

 What does all that mean? What a chock tube does? That’s what I am going to explain right now.

1. Turkey/ Extreme Full Chock Tube:

Used for Turkey hunting.

It controls the spread of your shot. When a shot comes out for your shotgun you know, little pellets, they are all going to be flying all over. So, you need to be able to control it depending on what you are doing.

 For instance, if you are shooting turkey they have turkey chock tubes, or they are called extra full chock tubes, and that keeps a tight pattern on that shot. It doesn’t let them expand out and you need that when hunting turkey. Because you are a little bit longer distance and you need a tight group on your shot. You usually looking for that head, so you need a tight pattern on that shot. So that’s an extra full or turkey chock.

2. Full chock Tube:

Used for Trap-shooting, pass by waterfowl shooting.

We have a full chock, and that is still going to be a pretty tight pattern. Not as tight as a turkey chock, but it is going to give you a pretty tight pattern.

So you are going out there the pattern of shot stays tight, so you are going to be able to get a little bit further shots.

Your use full chock tubes for trap shooting.

 If you going to be target shooting with a shotgun you have trap shooting and you also want to use them for a little bit longer distance waterfowl shooting and you can also use a full chock for turkey shooting again.

3. Modified chock tube:

Used for Waterfowl, mid-long range upland, also trap shooting.

The next one is, we have modified. Modified is going to give you a little more spread than a full-choke tube will and you use modified for a lot of just a closer waterfall, closer dove hunting a little bit longer distance upland game.

It kind of fills in that border right there, so you have a little bit of a waterfowl, a little bit upland game and that’s going to be your modified chocking, you can also use modified for trap shooting as well again.

4. Improved choke tube:

Used for All upland game, the small game closes range waterfowl.

The next one is you have improved. Improved is a little bit wider spread than that modified? Improved is great for most upland game hunting, it is great for small game hunting and it is also when you get into the skeet shooting.

Trap-shooting comes straight out, now skeet shooting is coming back and forth across you. Improved enters the skeet shooting choke tube category as well.

5. Cylinder bore choke tube:

Used for Military or police usage (non-hunting)

On the bottom end of that is you have a cylinder bore, a cylinder bore means there is no choke tube, so it is just straight no choke tube fits on the end of your barrel, and that is used for military and police applications.

6. Skeet choke tube:

It is a little bit different than the improved, you have a little bit of a wider pattern and it is specifically designed for skeet. All-round skeet shooting is great, I really would not use it for too much more than skeet and it has that design purpose.

So choke tubes are going to screw into the end of your barrel, most shotguns nowadays are designed with a removable chock tube, so you can just unscrew it.

Shotgun with a wrench:

Used for everything.

Mostly shotgun comes with a wrench, so when you get that little wrench in your brand of shotgun if you buy it brand new, that wrench is used to unscrew that choke tube. If you don’t have that wrench, sometimes you can just use your finger if it is not too tight.

I like to use a nickel trick depending on your gauge shotgun, you can use nickel in there. Because choke tubes you can see have some notches cut in the top, and that is designed for that wrench so you can take it out.

A 12 gauge shotgun Remington 870:

Used for everything.

A 12 gauge shotgun Remington 870 is used for everything.  This can do everything. So a specific choke tube for a specific purpose goes a long way.

Whether you are going for Turkey hunting or Trap-shooting, pass by waterfowl shooting or mid-long range upland shooting, small rang upland shooting or waterfowl low land shooting, military shooting, or police shooting, a 12 gauge shotgun Remington 870 is used for everything.

What is a fatal shot?

  1. More even and dense pattern.
  2. Consistent point of impact.
  3. Shoots all shot types and ammo load.
  4. Eliminate the need for multiple chocks as with ported chocks and those with wade retarding chocks.


A lot of examples right there on the market, a lot of options for you. The biggest thing is to make sure you get the choke tube that you need for your intended purpose whether it be waterfowl, you know goose shooting. If you are going to be shooting far away you want that full choke.

If you going close range upland game, pheasant, quail, you know you can use that improved cylinder. You can also use a modified Cylinder choke tube, so a lot of options out there.

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