What Does Poaching Mean in Hunting

What is poaching is a question asked frequently. Before knowing to poach we must know what hunting is?

What is Hunting?

The act of finding and killing wild animals either for the intention of consuming its meat or for sport is called hunting. Hunting is a sports activity for many people nowadays. However hunting is a legal process which is a person’s required license of hunting, and a hunter must have permission from the landowner.

Let’s Discuss Poaching,

Poaching is killing animals without legal permission from landowners or the government. The poacher didn’t have a license to kill animals. Poaching is included in hunting without a permit.

Why do People Hunt Animals Legally?

Thousands of people visit wild spaces like a forest for killing wild animals just for pleasure. They do this just for entertainment purposes because they enjoy it.

Legal Trophy Hunting:

Trophy hunting is illegal in certain areas In July 2015 America hunters killed a lion in Zimbabwe during a big game. President Teddy Roosevelt in Africa shot the rhino in 1909. Every 10 million American play this big game every year Almost 60% of all trophy hunters comes from the United States. He proofs that hunting is no forbidden, it is a legal process in which animals are hunted according to rules and regulations.

Poaching in Hunting:

Poaching in hunting means killing the animals without permission from whoever controls the land. The hunter must have a permit to kill certain animals in many countries with the wildlife protection agencies to save animal life.

Why do people Poach Animals?

In some previous years, 100,000 elephants and rhinos were killed by poachers because of their tusks. It is an illegal act. Usually, poachers hunt the animals because of their tusks. Poachers export tasks to different countries regularly. These tusks are used to make expensive traditional jewelry, decoration pieces. These tucks are even used in medicine in some countries.

Some people use animals as a sign of a successful hunter. They consider lion heads as a trophy when they kill a lion. Just for this purpose hunter kills animals and shows himself as a successful hunter.

Some animals were also killed by poachers because of their food.

Hunting is not illegal in every country. Different counties permit to hunt some certain animals on their land but hunters must first take permission to hunt from the government or landowner, if the government or landowner allows them to hunt in their land, only then the hunter can hunt.

Effects of Poaching in Hunting:

Unauthorized hunting effects or wildlife. Unplanned and random hunting just for your pleasure affects the population of wild animals.

Hunting Becomes poaching:

1- When there is no season of hunting.

2- When hunter hunt during illegal hours.

3- When the hunter doesn’t have a permit from the landowner.

4- When hunter use illegal weapons.

5- When hunters use the spotlight, stun guns especially for hunting.

6- When a hunter hunts while in a moving vehicle.

7- When the hunter target endanger species.

8- When hunter just kill animals for his fun.

9- When hunter sold parts of animals for his profit illegally.

10- Unlawful killing of animals became poaching.

Why Do People Adopt Poaching?

Some major causes of adopting poaching by hunters are

  • Poaching has been increased due to those rules and regulations made for the protection of wildlife. The government has officially stopped hunting different endangered animals. Due to this reason, people adopt illegal ways to hunt animals.
  • Illegal trading is a multimillion industry. People trade animal parts without involving the government and earn millions. This is the major reason that poaching is increasing.
  • Poaching is also increasing due to medical activities. People use rhino horns in very expensive medicines. Chinese use snakes, seahorses, turtles, bats, pangolins, and many other animals in their medicines for the cure of different diseases including cancer.
  • People hunt animals for religious purposes as well; they believe animal parts like tail, feathers, skin, teeth, heads, and horns, so on are used for religious obligations.
  • People hunt animals illegally to get expensive meat from lions, zebras, snakes, wild bats, elephants, giraffes, turtles, pangolins, whales, hippos, deer, etc. The meat of these animals is very expensive and sold only in exclusive restaurants of some countries.
  • Some animals are also kept as prey to show their power. In the criminal network, animals are considered a sign of power. For this purpose, hunters hunt animals illegally and keep animals with them to show power.

How Should Poaching be Controlled?

  • To control poaching there must be law enforcement organizations. Who controls poaching and creates awareness among hunters.
  • Hunters must purchase an expensive permit to kill animals with strike rules and regulations of the government. Money collected from the permit can serve on the protection of the remaining species.
  • People should make aware of hunting and poaching so that hunting will never disturb our ecological balance.
  • Tougher laws must be created by the government for poaching; he must be punished strictly under the law.
  • Government should create an outline from where wildlife starts and ends. so that hunters must remain out of that outline and don’t harm wildlife.
  • Strictly law must be published for those who sell and purchase expensive animal body parts for their business or pleasure.


Poaching is such an illegal act of killing animals for food, for games, for illegal trading, and for Hugh’s profit. Poaching in hunting is all about killing animals without any permit, killing animals without rules and regulation. Hunting maintains ecological balance where poaching is destroyed and disturbs the ecological balance.

Hunting always targets selective species while in poaching hunters can target any species. This is why we lose natural resources, we lose our endangered species. We must consider a specific plan, must follow rules and regulations to hunt. In this way, we can serve wildlife. We can save endangered species. We can save animals to harm just for benefits.

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