Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

Why oversize golf grips improve your game

Winning a golf game chiefly depends on the ease and comfort of the player. If the player is feeling discomfort while stroking the golf ball, the shot will either be hooked or sliced. The thumb rule of a winning game is to have relaxed shoulders, relaxed wrists, and relaxed hands. Some pro-golfers are of the view that both clubs and grips must be focused to improve your game. In their opinion, the tip of the fingers touching the base of the hand must be avoided as it makes you vulnerable to imperfect hits.

correct grips size

The grips are more important than alignment and posture. Mostly, the golfers buy clubs with standard-sized grips without considering their suitability for the game. The golf grips are unique for every player. What is working well for one player might be bad for another one. A perfect grip allows the golfer to control the game resulting in a perfect swing and good shot. Even small imperfections can cost you your game. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the best grip for you before starting the game.

Oversized golf grips are not new in the game but are in limelight during recent years. The question is why do you need oversized grips and why are more professionals opting for them? Oversized grips are useful for golfers with arthritis as they relax the hands. It also eases the golfers with a weak grip. Improper grip impacts the trajectory of the ball resulting in missed shots.

Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

Contrary to the oversized grips, regular-sized golf grips need the golfer to put certain pressure to hold it correctly. The oversize grips are double in diameter than the standard size. Consequently, the pressure needed to hold the grip is reduced greatly.

hooking or slicing

The oversized grips help the golfer to avoid hooking or slicing and to control the trajectory of balls. The oversized grips help to overcome yips by letting the player control the game and providing leverage in the golf swing. The oversize grips act as shape absorbers and ease the golfer by comforting wrists and hands.


In short, the golf grip is crucial to establishing the connection between the golfer and the golf club. The unsuitable size of grip not only costs you money but your winning game as well.  The oversized grips help the golfers in improving the game by decreasing the pressure and force applied and increasing the comfort level.

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